12/20/11 by pyjammy
12/20/11, a photo by pyjammy on Flickr.

The doctor says it’s Hand, Foot, and Mouth, but it seems like "Wrist, Ankle, Chest, Back, Butt, and Legs" to me. Poor Linus bear.

7 thoughts on “12/20/11

  1. jan

    Oh my poor little guy. One of mine had that when SHE was little – miserable stuff! I hope it is short lived – prayers to you all and also wishes for a great holiday for your and your sweet boys!



  2. Ann

    i hope he will be fine soon, should be very pain.. argg…. some problem here cant see the photos..

    p/s i know tht day why i couldt see the ‘Like my Blog’ banner, becoz i use Internet explorer.. when i use firefox to open this web i can see it..


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