Just practicing for March 5, the day after the half marathon I just signed up for. I know, it’s not very far off, but I’ve done halfs on less training than this. Not that it’s smart, but whatever. I’m spontaneous, man.

Love this:

Source: facebook.com via Pam on Pinterest


One of the reasons I’m most excited to do this* is that George promised he would bring the boys to the finish line. They’ve never done that, and just the thought gets me a little choked up. Even though I’m sure the boys will say things like, “whatcha running for, Mommy?” and “why are you running, Mommy?” and “you are stinky, Mommy!” but that’s okay.


*the only one, actually.


5 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. How awesome! The boys came to watch me tri race last year, and I totally bawled. Hopefully they’ll come to a few races this year too. Good luck!!


  2. I ran my third half marathon this past summer. I developed a horrible muscle spasm around mile ten and was all set to drop out- I could barely walk. Then I thought about my girls at the finish line, and not having a medal to hang around my older daughter’s neck, and I started running again. Turns out that was all I needed. I missed out on the PR I was on pace to get, but I still got the medal:)


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