Hunkerin’ down


Things aren’t bad here…George lost power at home at around 7 last night, making me so glad I made the decision to come to my mom’s. The fact that he said a giant cockroach decided to ride out the storm inside reinforced my feeling. And the water that’s getting into the house, and the tree that came down in the yard…yeah. Glad we’re here.

The boys are playing games on the Wii while they still can. I know we’re going to lose power at some point, I just hope it’s later. Much later. It keeps flickering, which makes me nervous. I just hope it holds out until I can get some more movies downloaded onto my iPad. At least my mom and Larry have a generator. It’s for the fridge and fans and stuff, but better than nothing! It’s also nice that technology is so much better than it was during Katrina or even Gustav in ’08. The iPads may save our sanity. We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Hunkerin’ down

  1. Stay safe. I’m praying for all folks in the path of the storm, but especially those I know through blog land.


  2. Glad to hear you all are ok……I’m keeping you all in my prayers for safety and a fast recovery.


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