My half history

Until a little while ago, I had no idea how many half-marathons I’d completed. Half a dozen? That would be my guess. But I’m happy to say I figured out that I’ve finished eight, and Saturday’s will be my ninth. Similarly, I had no idea what my best and worst times were, so with the help of Google, I was able to figure out my official times for all eight of those races. My hope for getting a personal best on Saturday has waned after reviewing this list, but we’ll see…

2002 Mardi Gras Marathon (Half) 2:55
2003 Mardi Gras Marathon (Half) 2:44
2004 Mardi Gras Marathon (Half) 3:40
2006 Ole Man River Half Marathon 2:51
2007 Mardi Gras Marathon (Half) 3:01
2009 Jazz Half Marathon 3:06
2010 Mardi Gras Marathon (Half) 2:59:40
2012 Mardi Gras Marathon (Half) 2:59
2012 Jazz Half Marathon (Half) 2:33:16
2012 Woman’s Half Marathon (Half) 2:44:59
2013 Mardi Gras Marathon (Half) 2:53

(Edited in 2015)

(I had to include the seconds in 2010’s results, because, by golly, I sure was determined to make it in under 3 hours!)

I remember most of those races. Certainly the first one. My friend Chris and I did it together, just as we did the London Marathon together a few months later.

I wish I could remember the second one so I could figure out how in the world I finished so fast…hmm. The third one was slow because I walked it with some friends.

I can’t figure out how I did the 2006 one so quickly, because I know I got a terrible blister near the end that forced me to stop and get aid from an ambulance on the course. But somehow they didn’t have any band-aids. I’m pretty sure my real time was about five minutes faster than it’s listed. Oh, and this was a very small race. I came in second-to-last.

My friend Kelly and I did the 2007 one together, and my most vivid memory of that one (besides falling down at about mile 11) is singing the songs from Music & Lyrics, which we saw together the night before the race.

2009 Jazz Half…I was just glad to be done!

I took the boys with me to the expo before the 2010 Mardi Gras Half. Oh, and that one was fun because I passed a couple from the Biggest Loser.

The half I did in March was pretty good. The time wasn’t stellar, but I felt good throughout, and I did it with friends.

Now I weigh about 20 pounds less than I did then. Hopefully that does the trick! If I can maintain the 11:30 pace I kept for my run on Saturday (doubtful unless the weather is really perfect) I could certainly set a PR. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Jessica Gehman

    Congratulations for finding all of your results! At least you know where you stand in terms of your history and your goals for this weekend! RUN FAST 🙂


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