The rest of the weekend

I know I already talked about Saturday morning’s events, but the weekend was literally packed with good stuff. And not-so-good stuff.


Boo at the Zoo. I was so excited that we won tickets to it (they’re $17 each, so a bit pricey for an evening’s entertainment) and the boys were happy to get to officially wear their costumes. I picked them up from school, and after running some errands, we headed to the zoo. The boys were so excited to see all of the other Avengers and the Marios and Luigis. They’ve already said that’s what they’re going to be next year.

Look! Another Captain America!
fern 003.jpg

Trick or Treating practice:
fern 027.jpg

I was trying to get a group shot, but there was very very loud music playing.
fern 019.jpg

There were games and prizes and candy, but the best part was running into a set of twins that were dressed as the other two (male) Avengers! The mom said her little Hawkeye was so happy that someone recognized who he was supposed to be. Heh.

My legs were getting worn out, so we headed home. I needed my rest for the race the next morning.

And you know how that went.

After the race, I went to the pub with George and our friend Dawn to have a beer or two. My plan was to go home and take a nap before the Madonna concert. Unfortunately, half an hour into my much-needed nap, I got a call that Miles had a fever and I needed to get him. George had stayed at the pub, so he couldn’t drive across town. So I blearily drove over to get him, and took him to an urgent care place nearby.

Poor baby.

He was diagnosed with strep throat, and so I got him home with his medicines, and then got ready to go to the Madonna show with my friend Terry. Terry dressed up. Hee!

I’d say the audience was 75% women around our age, and a very large percentage of them were wearing either neon lace, neon fishnets, conical breasts, or all three. It was highly entertaining. Moreso than the actual show, maybe. Nah, I mean, it was good, but I was underwhelmed. But it was definitely cool to see Madonna live, so I’m glad I got to go.

Look! There’s Madonna! (Yeah, we were in the nosebleeds.)

When I got home, I fell fast asleep. And for some reason, I got it in my head that the time was changing that night, even though I knew that wasn’t true. So when I woke up the next morning at 8:30, I figured I’d gotten a good 7.5 hours of sleep. I didn’t figure out until today that the time change is next weekend. Duh! I’m such a ding-dong. No wonder it didn’t get dark earlier last night! Ha ha! And no wonder I was so tired last night!

I spent the day snuggling with Miles and attempting to catch up on housework. (Fail.) And then I went to photograph my friend Megan’s new tiny baby girl, Fern. Who wasn’t a fan of falling asleep. I still love her, even if she wouldn’t cooperate. Ha ha!
000fern 081.jpg

After I was done with that, I went to get Oliver and Linus from Granny & Grandpa’s. I was trying to keep them away from Miles as long as possible so we might be able to avoid three kids with strep. Looks like that might have worked. They missed each other so much. Oliver and Linus made a bunch of pictures for Miles. So freaking sweet.

Another busy week ahead, but not quite as crazy as the last few days. I hope!