Looking forward

So I feel kind of weird, not having to take a picture every day to post. So I need to figure out new things to post about. Like, maybe some goals I might have for the new year? (Not resolutions. Those are just one-way tickets to disappointment.)  I need to get into the habit of posting the little funny things the boys do here, not on Facebook, where I feel like they vanish into the ether (though of course, as we’re frequently reminded, everything online is permanent. Whatever.)

For instance, the boys are now into Transformers in a big way. Linus calls his favorite “Awesomest Prime”. I don’t have the heart to correct him.

And I want to take pictures because I want to, not because I feel compelled to. You can tell there were some days when I was truly desperate. (I’m still going to continue with the monthly photos of the boys, though, which reminds me, tomorrow is the fourth. Mustn’t forget!)

I kind of, on a whim, set a goal of running 500 miles this year. Well, that’s running/walking because I don’t know how to just count the miles I run, since I do both, you know? So I’m not counting if I only walk, but if I run most of it, I’ll count it. I do most of my running on a treadmill – does anyone know of a good app (for the iPhone) that will help me keep track of my progress? I use MapMyRun now, but that’s more for outside running than treadmill running.

I also could use the blog to hold myself more accountable with eating. I used to blog a lot about weight loss, and I think it helped a lot. Could get somewhat boring, though. Anyway, I’m still attempting to eat low-carb, since that works for me. I hit my lowest weight in July, and since then have gained back about nine of the 40 pounds I lost. So I need to get that off and more. At least by May, when I have my twentieth high school reunion.

Gaah! Am I getting old? I’ll be 38 next week. It’s all relative. Let’s say no. I’ll always be younger than my siblings, at least. Ha!

Okay, well, this post was kind of all over the place. Any suggestions for blog topics are always welcome.

(Cannot post with out a photo. Just can’t do it.)

5 thoughts on “Looking forward

  1. I’ve had decent success with the Nike + running app for keeping track of treadmill running. You wear it like you would running with an app outside and it can measure the up and down motion and figure out roughly how far you’ve gone. It’s got some calibration too.


    1. you know, i used to have one eons ago when it attached to my ipod nano. i did like that one, maybe i’ll see about getting an updated one for my birthday. 🙂


  2. I use CardioTrainer and I love it! It works for outside runs (will map your run, give you pace,etc) but you can also log runs you do on the treadmill and it will tell you your pace. It also gives monthly totals, and I think you can use it weight loss, although I never have. It’s an android app, but I would assume they have an iphone version as well?


    1. I used to use that when I had my Android phone. I didn’t even check to see if they had an iphone version. Good idea!


  3. Ooh! good luck on your running goal. As for blog post topics, do you mind fielding a few questions?

    I’m not your facebook friend or anything, I just stumbled on the blog one time and added it to my blogroll, so all I know about you is what you post here!

    1. What’s the boys bedtime routine like?

    2. Do they all have similar likes/interests or do they divide up stuff (favorites) among themselves. (Like when I was a kid, I was always Raphael and John was Donatello and Nick was Michelangelo vs. all thinking that Raphael was the coolest.)

    3. When they fight, what do they fight about? I love hearing about siblings arguments, they are usually so hilarious from a grown-up perspective.

    4. What are some of the cute/nice things that they do for each other? Is anyone ever the odd man out?

    Anyway, I enjoy reading! Thanks!


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