‘Tis the season (great giveaway inside!)

It’s March, and in the next few months, a bunch of events are coming up that will necessitate gift buying. We have

– two baby showers (and the accompanying births)

– George’s birthday

– Emily and Ellie’s birthdays

– graduations

– Father’s Day

– Mother’s Day (though at least that’s the one holiday that I don’t have to buy for. Hopefully.)

Who doesn’t want to give cool gifts? Isn’t part of the fun of gift giving finding awesome, unique gifts that won’t be regifted or scorned? But there are so many places to look. What you need is a site is a carefully curated selection of gifts. Gifts for friends, kids, moms, husbands, cousins, the teenaged daughter of your friend…

Enter UncommonGoods. So many great choices! So let’s pretend that everyone mentioned on the above list doesn’t read this blog (I’m not too worried about it.) What might I pick for them?

For George, who always likes to have whiskey close at hand, I might choose one of these items, like the Stone Drink Dispenser.

The Stone Drink Dispenser

Click here to see more great ideas for Father’s Day gifts.

I mentioned I have two baby showers coming up. Sure, I could get something boring like crib sheets or a wipes dispenser (and I probably will), but it would be awesome to give the baby something fun as well.

Organic Cotton Giraffe Lovie

Click here to see more ideas for baby gifts.

And we can’t forget graduation gifts. My friend Steph’s daughter Madi is graduating from high school this year. It makes me feel unutterably old, but she’s a great kid, so she deserves a fun gift.

And because I think that the college years should be used for traveling and exploring the world (you know, as much as you can), this Scratch Map looks really awesome.

Scratch Map

Click here for more ideas for graduation gifts.

And to make it even easier for you to find a great gift, UncommonGoods is giving me a $50 gift certificate to their site to give away!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

UncommonGoods provided me with this gift certificate to give away. All opinions in this post are my own.


22 thoughts on “‘Tis the season (great giveaway inside!)

  1. The hardest person for me to buy a gift for is probably my husband. I can easily figure out practical things, but fun stuff? That’s hard!


  2. Hands down, my father is the hardest person for whom to shop for gifts. He buys himself everything he wants, so there’s hardly ever anything that he really wants or needs.


  3. Hardest person to shop for? My husband. Luckily I can buy anything Star Wars and I’m good. Unfortunately, they’ll run out of Star Wars paraphernalia for me to buy at some point and then I’ll be screwed.


  4. My mom and my father-in-law are the hardest people in my life to shop for. My mom makes all the toiletries she uses (soap, lotion, etc) and has very expensive taste (we have a thrifty gift budget). My father-in-law … well, even his wife never knows what to get for him!


  5. I LOVE uncommon goods! I bought some really neat water bottle tripods from there a few years ago for friends… they have the neatest stuff! 🙂


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