Me again!

Okay, I’m back. Still recuperating, but feeling much more human.

So, let’s see. What have I been up to? Well, Kristina was here for a week, which was awesome. Not only because I haven’t seen her since last fall, but also because our house is more organized, less cluttered, and generally cleaner than it ever has been. We got rid of so much stuff at the yard sale last weekend.


Which resulted in this (that is now in the bank, so don’t bother trying to rob me)

Also, this happened last week. This is a very big deal.


Yes. I finally watched Top Gun. It was kind of my thing, not ever having seen it. I honestly had no desire to. My friend Ren really wanted me to see it. She would regularly bug me about it. And that was kind of our thing. But then a friend from high school (who was one of Ren’s dearest friends) died after a too-short battle with cancer, and she pulled the “Jay really wanted you to see Top Gun,” which I actually kind of believe, and how can you argue with that? So Kristina and I watched Top Gun. And I made some people happy. And now I have to think of a new thing to have.

Isn’t Renny beautiful?

Also, my friend Amelia had her baby girl, and I went to visit at the same time Mary Catherine and Hank were there. I pretended like I had twins.

Piece o’ cake.

Not really. How the heck did I deal with three of those???

So that hits the high points. I guess I should show a picture from Easter. I wasn’t there, but here’s one of Oliver and the Easter Bunny.


2 thoughts on “Me again!

  1. mary

    What a brave lady you are, taking on spring-cleaning/de-cluttering AND recuperating from major surgery. Keep on feeling better. Glad you feel more human. Nice wad of cash,by the way! And Tom Cruise seemed a heckuva lot more normal back in the Top Gun days. Still handsome though!


  2. Elva O'Sullivan

    Wow, you really cleaned up on that yard sale! I live to far from the nearby city to have one, so I just list my stuff on Ebay. It is a little more hassle but the same result.


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