A stroll down memory lane

The boys and I went to my mom’s this weekend, and while I was there, I needed to look for a photo of my mom and I to use for a blog post. Specifically, a photo from when I was a baby. As the third child, there just aren’t nearly as many of me as there are of my brother and sister. (Do you see me taking fewer pictures of Miles? Noooooooo.)

But I did find one album that had lots of photos of me, including one of me and my mom. Jackpot! So I borrowed the album so I could scan some of the pictures and aren’t you lucky, I’m going to share them here.

Starting with me as a tiny infant. I’m impressed with the level of tolerance my siblings (especially my sister) are showing here:


And she’s not shoving me off my dad’s lap here, but it looks imminent.

One of my earliest childhood memories is of my first birthday party. I have this really distinct memory of sitting in my little rocking chair with a crown on. But then I realize that surely I can’t possibly remember my first birthday party, right? Of course not. I just internalized this photo a bit too much.

Mmm, cake! If I was going to truly remember something, surely it’d be this…

My cousin Rob was born about four months before me. We were best buddies growing up. (Truthfully, I still have a hard time not calling him Robby, just as I’m sure he still thinks of me as Pammy.)



I noticed I was wearing the same outfit in these two Christmas pictures. I gotta get to the bottom of this. Surely these are a year apart, judging by my hair, right?


Maybe I was wearing my sister’s dress in the second one?

I definitely see the boys in this picture. Mostly just the expression on my face. I know I’ve seen Oliver make that face.

Love these of me and my daddy:


And a bunch of my cousins:

Just when I’m convinced I was the most hideous child ever (I actually felt sorry for my mom when I found all these class pictures…)

…I came across this, and I think, I wasn’t too bad!

But this…now THIS is the photo I love the best. I do definitely remember this moment. Those poor King Dons never stood a chance.
(nice mullet, kid.)

Okay, that’s all I’ll subject you to for now…

3 thoughts on “A stroll down memory lane

  1. Rebecca Anderson

    Is the older child on the couch and next your dad your sister? Whoever it is, she looks SO much like your boys.


    1. pyjammy

      It sure is. She’ll be tickled to hear it! When the boys were first born, they looked just like my brother as an adult. Bald and all that. Hee hee!


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