My sporty boys

The other day, Miles was begging me to take him to the park after school to play baseball. Why the sudden obsession with playing baseball? Well, because they’ve been playing Mario Super Sluggers on the Wii. So I dug out the gloves my mom gave them last spring, and found a ball and bat that my uncle (who is determined to get one of his great-nephews into the big leagues) passed along after his son grew up.

I don’t think they quite get it yet. I mean, if you learn the rules of baseball from a Mario game, you are expecting Donkey Kong and little mushrooms to play alongside you. But they had fun. And most excitingly, it prompted me to look up tee ball leagues in our area, and I found one that starts in a few weeks not too far from our house. I may pass out when I see them in their little “uniforms”. It might be too much cuteness to handle. We’ll see. I should probably get them some shirts with their names on them for their teammates and coaches. Hmm.

(And I picked up my camera again for the first time in weeks!)

Miles threw the first pitch…


Then a fan came along…
…who probably thought she was in Children of the Corn or something when they all turned to look at her.
Cute father-son moment that turns funny when you think about George + sports
Yeah, they need some lessons.

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  1. So adorable as always. Thinks for the laugh about the children of the corn comment, I think the same thing sometimes when my kids do the staring thing.


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