More painting progress, for real this time!

Okay, I know yesterday’s pictures weren’t exactly dramatic, but wait’ll you see the ones I took last night!

I took them at twilight so you could see better.

Day 3

Day 3


That’s paint! On the left side of the house! And on the porch, but you can’t really see it.

Now I need opinions. I’m going to buy some new numbers (right now they’re on top of the garage doors under the porch, so barely visible) but I’m not sure where best to put them. What do you think? They’ll probably look like this:

New house numbers

Tomorrow, I’ll have some really great pictures to post. Here’s a teaser:
Day 4

And don’t be too sad, but it looks like this series isn’t going to be as long as I’d hoped. The painters said they’re going to finish tomorrow! Saturday! That’s five days after starting!

One thought on “More painting progress, for real this time!

  1. Eva

    It looks gorgeous!!! I would put the numbers on the wall when you come up the first set of stairs. In Lux the numbers must be visible from the street. That’s why I’m picking that part of the house. It may look good though.


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