365 in 2014: 04/09/14

365 in 2014: 04/09/14

What a day. Stinky was exhibiting signs of intestinal distress (to be delicate) and since she’s 16 years old, I didn’t think the news could possibly be good. So I took her to the vet, and after expensive testing, it was discovered that she’s literally just full of shit but otherwise healthy. She’ll outlive us all.

I took Linus and Oliver with me to go pick her up, but before we could leave, Linus needed to jump off the slide. As one will.

One thought on “365 in 2014: 04/09/14

  1. Holly Madison

    My family went on vacation once and left lots dry food and water out for our cats. When we got home all were well except for Jerry’s favorite Mr. Joseph. Took him to the vet and he told us to give him enemas over the weekend and if that didn’t work to bring him back on Monday. Jerry and I spent a Friday, Saturday and Sunday giving this cat enemas and all we got was one “nugget” out of him. He ended up having his bowel re-sectioned. That was a great weekend. You haven’t lived until you’ve given a cat an enema. Vet said cat was depressed over us leaving and probably hadn’t drank enough water.


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