Our summer beverage of choice

If you know me, you know I hate to be stuck at home. Even though sometimes I think the boys would rather just hole up in the air conditioning, I get stir crazy. I’ll do anything to get out of the house. Fortunately, between sports and birthday parties and trips to the park, I don’t have to think too hard about things to do.

Because it gets so freaking hot and humid here, I always pack snacks and juice drinks. Especially juice drinks. The boys will drain a Capri Sun pouch in about twelve seconds, so I have to pack plenty.

I like packing Capri Sun in particular for a few reasons…

  • Most of their juice drinks have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in their 100% Juice products.
  • The foil packs don’t get crushed or leak in my bag.
  • What kid doesn’t love punching a hole in the pouch? I know I loved it growing up.

Now all four varieties of Capri Sun pouches have clear bottoms, which is pretty cool, so now you can see exactly what your kid is drinking.

  • Capri Sun Juice Drink
  • Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters Flavored Water Beverage
  • Capri Sun 100% Juice
  • Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink

caprisun1But my favorite kind to get are the Super V* variety, because it means they’re getting 1 serving of fruits and vegetables in. Score! You know my struggle with getting fruits and vegetables into the boys, even in juice form, so the fact that they actually love Capri Sun makes my life easier. And the fact is, with three boys in this hot climate, we go through a lot of juice drinks. I really appreciate the affordability of Capri Sun.

And when it’s my week to bring the snacks to baseball or soccer, it’s so easy to just grab a box of Capri Sun for the kids. I like to stick the box in the freezer for a little while before the game so it’s still cold at the end.

Speaking of sports, Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters is an official sponsor of Major League Soccer. For the second year, Capri Sun is giving kids the ultimate sip of liquid swagger by inviting kids to take on professional athletes and win! This year, Capri Sun leveraged the excitement of their MLS sponsorship by gathering together a team of soccer pros. These guys are some of the best in the league. But when it comes to playing kids in the way kids play… the pros don’t stand a chance.

The Kids vs Pros MLS Soccer Showdown Instant Win Game will send four kids, their friends, and families to sunny Orlando, Florida, to take on MLS Pros in a live event. At the event, kids will truly stand out by competing in soccer-themed contests where being kid-sized gives them an amusing advantage over the Pros. Plus, there are thousands of instant win soccer prizes for daily chances to win.

The contest started on July 28. Parents can find information on specially marked boxes of Capri Sun and on the official website here.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  MANY WILL ENTER, ONLY FOUR WILL WIN A GRAND PRIZE. Open to residents of the 50 United States and D.C., 6-17 years of age. Game starts 7/28/14 and ends 11/30/14.

*Each pouch provides 3/4 c. fruit juice, which is 1 1/2 servings of fruit according to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. As part of a well-balanced diet, eat a variety of fruit every day and be sure to make most of your fruits whole fruit.