One week to go

So I’m assuming this is the last year the boys are going to believe in Santa. I mean, I could be wrong, but either way, we’re in the home stretch. It’s hard to believe their childhood has gone so fast. I know that sounds dramatic, but not believing in Santa kind of seems like the end of that truly innocent childhood era and on to more cynical times. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic.

Anyway, one the boys had mentioned (I think it was Linus, and it’s indicative of this problem that I can’t remember exactly who told me this) that he didn’t want the same present as his brothers. It’s become habit to either get three of the same thing (so everything is fair) or three equivalent, coordinating things (three different video games, three different stuffed animals, three different books.)

But he wanted something different. Something just for him, (you know, now that I think about it, maybe it was Oliver) something that only he wanted, not something that his brothers got as well.

Case in point: my brother sent three gifts for the boys. Three completely different gifts, all meant to be shared amongst them. But when the boys saw three completely different packages under the tree, they decided they each wanted to pick one for themselves.

So I let them each claim one of the gifts, but it’s not exactly the same as choosing a totally different present for each kid.

But no problem, I can do that. That’s easy! I’ve spent the boys’ entire childhood trying to treat them like individuals. Most of the time, they weren’t dressed alike. They’re in different classes. They played different sports. But when it came down to knowing right off the bat what Oliver would prefer, what Miles would like, and what Linus would want.

But I couldn’t do that.

Now I felt like the world’s worst mother. How could I not know my own children? I mean, I knew that Linus would like a Skylanders game, and Miles a Pokemon one, and Oliver something with Kirby. But that wasn’t really good enough. That’s still coordinating gifts.

So I had them write letters to Santa. And Maury-Frank (oh yeah, our elf did end up making an appearance) wasn’t going to go back to the North Pole until he had three letters to deliver to Santa. (Well, see, Linus didn’t want to make a list Tuesday night, and then I forgot to move the elf, so I had to make up some excuse for why.) Oh, and Santa doesn’t bring video games. He just doesn’t. I don’t care that other kids get video games from Santa, Linus.

Miles's Santa letter

Okay, Miles wants a Nerf crossbow and a snowman plush. Now there we go! Maybe slightly alarming (a crossbow?) but also adorable and perfectly toy-ish.


Oliver wants a Baymax toy (from Big Hero 6), a Transformer (over my dead body, I hate those things and the tears and frustration they cause) and a stuffed Olaf (I die.) No problemo!

Finally, I was able to get Linus to write his note last night. He said he didn’t want anything that wasn’t a video game, so I said, “just write down whatever,” and got this:


Okay, well, a Minecraft stuffed toy and a Skylander figure. Even though they’re both videogame related, at least they’re not actually electronic toys. Mostly. Sigh.

So I guess they’ll have a few things under the tree that aren’t the same, but man, this parenting gig is tough.

PS Santa is also bringing them this, so maybe I should just stop stressing already.

4 thoughts on “One week to go

  1. Hi! My twin boys also love transformers but can’t really do them… until these rescue bots! We’ve gotten them the whole team and they are good toys, they have held up for almost a year and get played with almost every day. They even used them in the pool this summer.

    Good luck!


    1. Oh yeah, I loved those! So much easier! Sadly, they’ve outgrown them by now. 😦 We tried regular Transformers last year, and still too hard. I think Santa is going to skip the Transformer this year. 🙂


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