Blue-eyed George

We went and got beignets with one of George’s friends yesterday, and I snapped this picture of Oliver when he had powdered sugar all over his face.


For the first time, I think I can see why everyone says they look like George (but their noses are all me.)

You just have to add a goatee…


Add a little green-brown to the eyes…


and darken the hair a bit… (my Photoshop skillz are impeccable, I know.)


Allllmost there…just missing something…what is it…


Ah yes! A juvenile toy more suited to a 7 year old than a 45 year old man! (Fart gun in this case.)

Spitting image!


Hmm. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “Blue-eyed George

  1. hyysterika

    I think they look just like you!

    But now, after that, a little bit more like their dad. But I think still more you. lol.


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