Just little things

I keep thinking of little things to say, then I forget. Let’s see if I can remember.

  • Went swimming last night with the girls. Adults only, had festive beverages from the club’s bar. Too bad our membership runs out at the end of next week. There’s going to be a lot of evening swimming in the next two weeks, I hope!
  • School starts Monday! Second grade. Nuts.
  • The attic is getting insulated tomorrow, just in time, since it’s about a thousand degrees here.
  • I started running again, even though I am still dealing with Achilles tendinitis. I’m trying to do my stretches, icing, and rolling my calf muscle in hopes that I’ll survive the Jazz Half Marathon at the end of October.
  • Helpful hint: Don’t put the digital food scale too close to the hot element on your flat top stove. Unless you want a new digital food scale.
  • Promised I’d take the boys to see Pixels while we have to be out of the house for the attic stuff. I am not optimistic about the quality.
  • Took the boys to the dentist last week – no cavities!

Some pics ‘n’ stuff:

Oliver uses his head:



What is the deal with these? I have seen “Asia” like eight times, but never a Linus, Oliver, nor Miles. But I had to buy these when I saw them both at Target. Sucker.