Just life

I always said you shouldn’t wait for something big to happen to write a blog post, so here I am, writing a blog post about nothing much at all.

Let’s see.

Last night, Miles and I went for our dinner. He got a haircut. He looks cute.


And then at 5am, presumably unrelated to the haircut, he got a nosebleed. Poor bunny was hysterical. I had no idea what to do, since we’ve never dealt with a nosebleed before. But I think we’re more prepared if it happens again.

Here’s a cute picture of one of my teams at work. Well, most of the team. The ladiezzzz.


I didn’t realize at the time just how short they all are. Hee!

This weekend is a half marathon. Why did I sign up for this? Peer pressure! Ah well. I did a ten mile training run last weekend (it was ugly and on the treadmill) so I suppose I’ll be able to do this. Meh. It’s not at all cool here so that really sucks.

What would suck more is if it rains that night like it’s supposed to and we can’t trick or treat. I need my Smarties fix, man! I mean, the boys would be so disappointed!

We at least got to go to Ghost in the Oaks at City Park last weekend. I took selfies on a ride because it’s funny.


The weekend after this one is my friend Kristie’s wedding. We’ve been friends 4eva. Since 7th grade. So that’s…a really long time. Don’t make me say the number here. Anyway, I ordered a sparkly dress from Rent the Runway. I am excited about that.

I think that’s about it. Hmm.