January 13, 2016 {awkward selfie}

Chopped a bunch of my hair off today.

Downright embarrassing how many tries it took to get this photo. But as is the way with new haircuts, it will never look this good again, so it must be documented.

Now you’re thinking, wait, that’s good? Maybe I should have used the “still in the salon at the front paying” picture instead.

I mean, the second has the benefit of the curls still being there, but my roots are a touch more obvious. Oh, and also you don’t get that “reflection of your hand holding your phone in the lenses” issue with sunglasses. But the lighting is nicer in the top one.

Well, whatever. There you go. Two for the price of one today.


One thought on “January 13, 2016 {awkward selfie}

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