March 28, 2016 {little boy blue}


Yesterday, Oliver asked if he could have blue hair. It would be hypocritical of me to say no, so I said, okay. (Only temporary dye, though.) So today we went to Sally’s and got some Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise, which just feels right, since that’s what I used back in the 1990s.

Look, it turned out to be almost the exact same shade as his eyes. Can’t really say it’s not a good color for him, eh?

2 thoughts on “March 28, 2016 {little boy blue}

  1. Lisette

    Just saw you on YouTube. How crazy it must have been to find out. I’m sure if I search around, I’ll find out my answer, but can I just ask how long you were able to carry them? I’m guessing by their weight that you at least made it to 35 weeks – which is amazing. Are they close – protective of one another? Thank you so much and Happy Easter.


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