Good stuff

Here are some good things:

Future lemons and also jasmine

I’m going to have SO MANY LEMONS at the end of the year! Also, my jasmine that I planted last year is growing nicely. I stopped by Home Depot the other day to get some more (trying to cover our fence for privacy) but they didn’t have any. Hmmph.


FullSizeRender 12.jpg
Need to get more in that orange zone, yall.

I’m still not dead. I’m starting my third week working out there and my legs definitely feel stronger. I’m not burning as many calories as I think I should be, but I also don’t know if I can work harder without dying. Oh well, keep on keepin’ on.

I do feel really great after the workouts, I have to say. Endorphins are real!

Doing fun stuff for good

Saturday, I’m doing two fun things for a good cause. In the morning, the Pink Bra Run, a 5K to benefit breast cancer. I ordered a hot pink sports bra to decorate (and wear over my clothes, dear god I’m not going to leave the house in just a sports bra)  and I’ll be doing it with my girls, so that’ll be fun.

Later, I’m taking the boys across the lake to a crawfish boil to benefit…something good. I should be ashamed that I don’t know exactly what it’s benefitting, but it’s crawfish! And I’ll get to see Ren!

Reading children

I allowed a production company to use the boys’ ultrasound video (that thing is really making the rounds) and since without them, I wouldn’t have an ultrasound video, I decided to spend the check I got on them. But not on video games. Instead, we went to Barnes and Noble and I let them get whatever they wanted without even looking at the prices. Miles picked out a novelization of The Jungle Book (yeah, I know that’s a book, but we flipped through it at the library, and, well, no, not yet), Oliver got The BFG, and Linus wanted Charlotte’s Web.


Also I’m happy with Costco Tires. I got a flat tire right as I pulled into the driveway the other day, and it only cost me $37 to replace it. On the other hand, I got a water bill for 4 times what it normally is, so…sigh.

Linus showing Daddy how to put the spare on

I know there are other things making me happy. My job, for one. Ziggy, also. Yeah, really! Seeing the boys interact with him makes everything else worth it. Wine also makes me happy. Snowballs on the way home from school. Good stuff.