2020, don’t let the door hit you on the way out

This is going to be a weird year-end recap. Let’s see.


I got to go to Lisbon! Thank god we planned our meetup for January, or my only trip (outside of Louisiana, anyway) in 2020 never would have happened. Also I turned 45 there. (My third birthday meetup since I started at Automattic.)

The boys finished up their season playing soccer for the school team, which ended in winning the championship! I adore this picture of Linus.


Kiki came to visit! Thank god. I’m so glad I got to see her this year at least once. We ate a lot and took a road trip to Alexandria and Natchitoches for Linus’s archery tournament.

Later in the month was Mardi Gras! Where we were probably all spreading COVID like crazy! I made a fun Mardi Gras dress. Maybe I’ll get to wear it again in 2022.

Also I got a new wardrobe from IKEA. I love it.


Well it started out okay. I had raised over $2000 for St. Baldrick’s and I was so ready for my hair chop scheduled for the end of the month. Yeah, that still hasn’t happened. I did get a haircut, but nothing too drastic. (You can still donate, you know!)

Friendship day at the beginning of March. Probably we were all spreading COVID like crazy here too.

I took two days off to spend with Linus and Miles, just like I’d done the year before. We ate lunch and escaped from rooms.

Two days before Oliver and I were supposed to have our day off, I was sitting at soccer practice waiting for the boys when I got a message from the school. It was going to be closed for the next two days because there was a possible connection to a COVID case. You know what happened next.

The rest of March was a lot of sewing, cooking, and watching movies.


I mean. I’m pretty sure nothing happened in April.

I baked a lot and got a Peloton. (Absolutely the best decision I made this year, possibly tied with watching Schitt’s Creek later in the year.)


Another slow month. George turned 50. I got him a picture of Ziggy.


We didn’t go to England for our long-awaited trip, that’s for sure.

I made George a shirt for Father’s Day and a dress for myself (to wear where? Nowhere!) and a shirt for myself. Baked some. The boys and I ate outside at our friend’s restaurant – that was our first time out to eat since March. (It’s still the only restaurant we’ve been to.)


Oh things get exciting! Well, a little. We redecorated the boys’ room! It was quite the project.

Ooh that was fun, I wish I’d done that in the original post! (more pics there.)


School started (at home)

I made a coat!

While I made a coat, I binged Schitt’s Creek and now I’m obsessed.

Also I got a haircut for the first time in almost a year.

And I made bread with my sourdough starter.


We evacuated for a hurricane that didn’t happen.

I watched Schitt’s Creek obsessively.

We got a new dishwasher.


Hmm. I watched Schitt’s Creek again? I don’t know. Probably.

We forking voted. And it was a beautiful thing.

We didn’t evacuate for a hurricane and of course lost power for like five days. So we did end up in Baton Rouge after all for Halloween.


Things are looking up! The election. A vaccine is on the way! George got me a new Apple Watch for our 15th anniversary! The boys went back to school for real! Grandee and Larry came for Thanksgiving!


My sweet baby boys became teenagers.

Ziggy turned 6.

I made a cape!

I got a new toilet!

Christmas was lovely!

My oven broke sometime in the middle of the month and I have no idea when it will be fixed, but that will be a 2021 Pam problem.

2020. What can I say? I can’t really complain. None of us got sick (well, except George and Linus got some kind of non-COVID virus or something that exacerbated Linus’s asthma in a very bad way but he’s okay now) and we didn’t lose our jobs (mine got way busier, which was somewhat of a mixed blessing. It was busy enough to keep my mind off things but also somewhat stressful.) I got better at baking. The boys have been truly wonderful throughout this all.

On the other hand, I desperately miss seeing my friends whenever. I am deeply sad the boys missed out on soccer. And of course our trip to England. And the boys’ LSMSA summer camp, which Miles won a scholarship for just days before quarantine started. Sigh.

Bring on 2021. It won’t be normal, but it’ll be better.

Whatcha got?

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