Punta Cana 2022 (and a little bit of 2023)

At 6am on Christmas morning, we got on a flight to the Dominican Republic and met up with 12 other family members for a vacation.

I could go through what we did every day, but really it was “put on bathing suit, go to breakfast, sit by pool, get a mojito, go to lunch, go in ocean, get a pina colada, go back to pool, go to dinner, go to bed” with a few random activities sprinkled in.

The view upon arrival.

Me in my favorite places:

Pretty good, eh?

We also did some activities, like I snorkeled for the first time (was good, saw a fish), and the second time (was in rough water, but over a coral reef, was beautiful, but had to be towed back to the boat by the captain), found out I was really good at archery (okay maybe a slight exaggeration), but really, mostly it was relaxing and reading.

That’s about the best picture I got, mostly I was just trying not to drown.

I was better at this (but not as good as Oliver.)

We took family pics, lots of them. My sister made us all matching shirts.

We went on a cruise one of the last evenings. I deeply regret not wearing a bathing suit to that.

The food was very very good.

And some more eye candy, because it really was breathtakingly beautiful.

Some people I like (and bonus cats):

We were there for New Year’s Eve, there were fireworks and a dance party. I managed to stay awake enough to go at 11:30 and see the spectacle.

I’m ready to go back.

Whatcha got?

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