Punta Cana 2022 (and a little bit of 2023)

At 6am on Christmas morning, we got on a flight to the Dominican Republic and met up with 12 other family members for a vacation.

I could go through what we did every day, but really it was “put on bathing suit, go to breakfast, sit by pool, get a mojito, go to lunch, go in ocean, get a pina colada, go back to pool, go to dinner, go to bed” with a few random activities sprinkled in.

The view upon arrival.
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23 hours at the beach

My friend and coworker Deborah and her family went on vacation to the same resort Kiki and I took the boys to, two and four years ago. So I said I’d drive up for the night with the boys and hang out.

I got a free hotel room using rewards points, and Saturday morning, Oliver, Miles, and I hit the road. (Linus didn’t want to be in a car for that long, so he got plenty of quality time with Daddy and Ziggy.)

We got there in the early afternoon and swam and floated and ate and drank and swam some more until the evening, when the boys and I drove five minutes down the road to our hotel. We snuggled in bed and watched House Hunters Renovations and all konked out after our busy day. We hit the beach on Sunday morning, and spent a little more time in the pools, and then it was time to go home.

A short trip, but a really nice one! Next year, we definitely need to go longer!

I understand Linus wanting to stay home, but I wish he’d come. I’m in love with these pictures of Oliver and Miles. 😍 Really wish I had one of my green-haired boy!


And some more random pics taken with my phone:

Meanwhile, back in the USA

While George and I were off gallivanting across Merry Olde England, the boys were spending plenty of Quality Time with their maternal grandparents.

I don’t know everything they did, but here’s what I do know:

They took a yo-yo class:


They went to the beach, where they swam in a pool:


They visited a naval museum:


And ate the kinds of food only a grandparent can guiltlessly provide:

11402641_10205200799718402_7048835999326116086_o 11415563_10205208946522067_9145456900362348296_o

I know they went fishing and walked on the beach but I don’t have photos for those. I know they had a great time.

I also know, poor things, didn’t have enough clothes and were apparently dressed like orphans because their terrible mama doesn’t know how to pack a suitcase. Apparently. I don’t know how they all survived. I really need to up my organization game.

I also assume an Oreo commercial is in the pipeline. Nabisco! Gimme a call!