You know I love a busy weekend.

And this was a doozy. But a good doozy.

Saturday was the baby shower for my friend Mary Catherine’s third baby, their first boy. (Yeah, yeah, say what you will about third babies and showers, but when it’s a good friend, why shouldn’t you celebrate every baby?) I was one of the hostesses, so I spent the first part of the morning making three dips. I’ll share the recipes because they were all delish.

Admittedly, the third dip (the white bean one) was the least exciting, so I don’t know if I’ll be making it again (even though I did put a sage sprig in the dip just like in the picture.) Maybe I’ll use a different recipe. But the artichokes with goat cheese? A definite winner. I don’t even need to tell you how good the Nutella dip was.

But before the shower, the boys had a playdate. Their first playdate! And with their best friends at school, Anders and Lewis. They’re twins. (Poor Miles doesn’t have an Anders or a Lewis in his class. But he does have a Millie.) We went to their {very very cool} house and the moms hung out while the kids played. It was great, and hopefully just the first of many.

Little boys wreaking havoc

After we left the playdate, I dropped the boys off at Granny and Grandpa’s, and raced across town to get to the shower in time. Just made it! Whew.

And since Mary Catherine is so very Southern, the shower was adorable and full of cute little touches, mostly thanks to her sister, who is also, of course, very Southern.




And I’m happy to say that baby Hank made his arrival this morning, safe and sound. I’ll be doing his newborn photos this weekend. Can’t wait!

Ann Frances is now a big sister!

After the shower, I was pretty wiped out, so I relaxed (child-free!) for the rest of the evening.

Sunday morning, I ran an 8k race. Yes, and I mean, I ran the entire race. I haven’t run more than maybe 4 miles in a row in forever. Maybe less than that! But my friend Heather, who I ran it with, said she wanted to try running the whole way, and I thought, “why not?” The weather was almost perfect for it (cool and cloudy) and it wasn’t THAT far – 4.8 miles. And we did it! I did have to stop for a potty break (darn tiny bladder) but the energy I expended catching back up to Heather was probably more than if I’d just kept running.


We finished in 58 minutes, woo hoo! I think it’s kind of funny that if I do run/walk, I can go faster (11 minute pace instead of just under 12) but I wasn’t worried about time for this race, just running.

After the race, we went to our friends’ Irish restaurant (where else) for brunch. And then I raced across town (in a car this time) to get the boys for a birthday party. Miles had a cough, so he came home with me while Oliver and Linus partied. (Their first drop-off party!)

I went to take photos of a very pretty triplet family, and then went to the grocery store, blah blah blah who wants to hear about my trip to Sam’s?

And that was our weekend, in a nutshell.


Must write quick entry, as am being bad blogger.

Last night George and I went to Outback for dinner. Goooood protein! It’s been too long since I’ve had a steak (I think since the time in JUNE when we had George’s parents over to eat, and we told them I was pregnant.) Well, now that I think about it, I think we had it one other time at a friend’s house. Yes, we did. But twice in five months? Babies need more meat! Heh. Anyway, that was yum and a nice splurge.

Then we went and got a new electric kettle since my last one (which has served me well for the last eight years, RIP) started making ominous sparking noises yesterday morning. Gotta admit, the new one is nice. Then we went to B&N where I bought a wedding magazine because I’m designing a wedding album for one of the couples that was featured in it! I’m practically famous, people.

Isn’t our life fascinating? What I did realize last night after even the short amount of time I spent on my feet, is that I’m slowing down. It sucks, but I guess I’m lucky I’ve gone this long feeling pretty good. Even last Friday, at the doctor, when I asked him about bedrest, he said probably I’d go on it in the next month or two, depending on how I’m feeling. Well, at the time, I thought I could last til Thanksgiving, at least. But now, not so sure. I think I need to talk to my boss about working from home now. Thank goodness he’s open to that.

So…exciting plans for the weekend? Need to make some returns to BRU of duplicate gifts and exchange some onesies for bigger ones, stuff like that. And then I’m going to my friend’s son’s first birthday party. Par-tay! Woooooooooo! Tee’s coming over tonight (I think) to help organize the nursery. Maybe I’ll take some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, here are a bunch from the shower!


So let’s see…lots to post about.

Had second appointment with new doctor. Still love him, am very glad I switched to him. Mom and Jenny and Emily came to the ultrasound. Emily wasn’t happy at first. This was my first hint of what a little piglet my niece is. But the cutest piglet on earth. But boy, when she’s hungry, you’d better have a bottle handy! I think that was really the only time she cried much, though. So she’s pretty easy to figure out.

Anyway, the appointment. I had to make Jenny and Mom cover their eyes whenever the u/s tech went near the gender bits. But funny story – the first u/s tech insisted they weren’t all the same sex. We were excited for a little while until the second (more experienced) tech informed us that yes, she firmly believes they are all the same sex. Oh well. They just like to keep me guessing!

Everything went well with the appointment. The babies look great (they have, and I quote “beautiful” hearts), my (ahem) cervix is in great shape, and my weight gain is good. (Heh. I still get a kick out of saying that.) Right now, I weigh more than I ever have in my whole life, and let me tell you, I’ve weighed a LOT. At least this time the weight is all in one place, and not in my chins, face, thighs, arms, neck, etc. The doctor said I’d probably go on bedrest in the next month or two, but it really depends on how I’m feeling. I hope that I can avoid it until, say, Thanksgiving, but we’ll just play it by ear. In any case, I hope to be able to work up til the babies are born. Thank goodness my job is pretty low-stress and my boss and coworkers are awesome. I can definitely do it from the comfort of my couch.

So after work on Friday, I drove to Baton Rouge so I could spend maximum time with Emily. My god, she is a cute baby. And she’s so blue-eyed and blonde and pink cheeked, it’s hard to imagine that she’s related to me. You should see the pictures of her with our cousin Molly, with her olive skin and beautiful brown eyes and thick, dark brown hair. You’d never believe they’re so closely related.

Anyway. The shower was on Saturday. It was so great, as usual. What could be more fun than opening lots of presents, especially when presents are teeny little outfits and toys and things of that nature? I also got a reeeeally nice diaper bag, which is definitely nicer than most purses I’ve ever owned. And there were tons of babies and kids there. I thought my feet might be spared from the onslaught of helpers, but alas, this was not to be. Between my cousin’s daughter and a friend’s daughter, I got pretty well trampled. But they’re cute, so it’s okay. Heh.

And the babies! Emily and Preston and Fletcher and Gavin and George – lots of playmates for the triplets! (I hope I didn’t forget any babies. There really were a lot there.)

Okay, this is getting long. So the shower was great. And then later that night we went to “watch” the LSU game at someone’s house. Of course, I don’t really watch football games, but I did eat a lot of chips and dip. And played with the aforementioned foot-tramplers.

Sunday was a brunch at my aunt’s house for my cousin Clark and his new wife. They got married on a rooftop, kind of on a whim, I think, and this was their brunch to celebrate. Yum. Cheesy grits. That’s all I gotta say.

That’s the gist of my weekend. I’m tired of typing. It was really fun. When I get pictures from people, I’ll post some….

Shower pics


That is a link to the flickr set from the shower. Disclaimer: no one told me to put powder on. I am v shiny. And I make weird faces. Oh well. That is me.


Ooops, sorry I haven’t been very good at posting lately. Mostly I’m waiting for something to post! Like shower pictures! I obviously didn’t take any (since I was too busy being photographed) so I have to wait to get them from other people. And I haven’t yet. Sigh. Ah well. Must remember. Am not center of the universe. Hee!

If you want to see how big and round I’m getting, here’s a picture of me and Ren and Anne being all Charlie’s Angels, knocked up-style.

Aren’t we some big ol’ dorks?

That should tide you over, eh?

Tonight I went to dinner with some girlfriends, and that was really nice. There were a lot of babies at the table, some born, some not. I got to hold a little bitty guy, but I can’t imagine three of them at once! Eeep!

Friday morning is my next appointment with my new doctor. Jenny and Emmy and Mom are coming – but they are only allowed in if they promise not to look at any gender parts. Hmmph. I don’t believe a bit that they’re going to behave, but they’d better. Or else. At least I know Emily won’t ruin any surprise for me. I can’t wait to see her!

Sleeping has been going somewhat better. I didn’t mention that I do pop Benadryl or Tylenol PM (if I have a headache at bedtime) pretty often, but I was trying not to do it every night. But if I’m not exhausted at night, I can’t see that I have any other option. Not sleeping sucks too bad.

Don’t tell George, but I sleep better when I have the whoooolllle bed to myself. I can stretch out and wedge pillows under and around me strategically. It’s really better for him, too, not to have to listen to my snoring. It’s times like this I wish we had a king-size bed (and a bedroom big enough for one.)

Babies have been moving a lot lately. Today they must be tired out because they have been somewhat calmer, but the past two days were nutty! It was fun. When I get bored at work, I can just watch my tummy. Better than TV, almost.

Okay…off to get ready for bed now!


I really want to post about this weekend, but I am sooooooo tired. I was awake for about an hour in the middle of the night, simply unable to sleep. Blech. I hate that. Probably the worst pregnancy thing so far is not being able to take decongestants. That’s part of why I can’t sleep. Also, it’s not easy to get comfortable. I haven’t mastered sleeping on my side yet. Where are you supposed to put your
arm? I don’t understand. Booo.

Anyway, I’ll post again later. I’ll just say for now that the shower was amazing, and people are so generous. And cake is so good. Mmmm. Also, I need to post about how I met a triplet family at a restaurant yesterday! That was awesome. Tiny, sweet, adorable baby triplets! Out with their family for lunch! This gives me much hope.


A post! I mean to post more, I do, but then I forget. Or don’t think I have much to say. Let’s see if this “post by email” works. I haven’t done it in a while.

So this weekend, we went with George’s parents to Babies R Us and got a crib and three mattresses. Very exciting to have brand-spanking-new mattresses in all of the cribs. And last night, George put the new one up, so now all three are set up. We even semi-arranged the room, since Kristina is coming to visit this weekend. Yay!

Somehow I thought three cribs and a double bed would fit better than they do. Alas, I don’t think the double bed will be long for that room…I’m hoping maybe we can find a foldout loveseat or something. We need somewhere to put guests. Then again, how thrilled would you be to find yourself sharing the guestroom with three newborns? Heh.

Well, we’ll figure something out. For now, it’s fine. But after my showers, all available space will probably be taken up by diapers. Heh.

On Sunday, some friends brought over their eight-week-old, Lucy. She is sooooo cute. Oh my gosh. She actually looks a lot like Polly and Colin’s little girl to me, which is good because, well, she’s really cute too! The world could do with more cute babies. Heh. Anyway, Lucy is my new best friend. We hung out, she stared at me, drooled a bit, wobbled her head around. I fed her, but left the burping and diaper-changing to Daddy. (Her daddy. You don’t think George would touch a baby with a ten-foot-pole, do you? Even one as cute as Lucy?) I figure I’ll get enough of that soon enough.

Speaking of cute babies, Emily will be here a week from Thursday! Well, not here-here, but Baton Rouge. I’ll see her a week from Friday. I’m not supposed to lift anything over ten pounds, though. Uh oh. She’s a chunk, so I’m going to have to have her handed to me, I guess. No way am I not holding her! She’s my pumpkin!

Okay, let’s see if this post works….

June 26, 2007

Man, I am a posting fool! This must be a new record. At last, I have something vaguely interesting going on in my life. Sorta an understatement, yes?

So, I had a fun and relaxing weekend. Saturday I went to visit my favorite OB that’s not my OB, Dr. Gary! And got to see the babies again. Some may say I’m obsessed. I say, finally my obsessive nature has something really good to focus on. I just have a hard time believing everything’s okay until I can see it with my own eyes.

Anyway, it was really neat. The one baby we could see clearly (because of the way it was situated) was waving its little armlets and leglets around, and it even looked like it had hiccups for a few minutes! It was funny because I’d laugh, and then you’d see it jiggling around in my belly (like a bowl full of jelly, as it were.) Anyway, we saw the other two heartbeats as well. So yay!

After that excitement, I went to meet my cousins Monica and Max (her son) to go swimming at a community pool. That was fun! I wish I had gotten there earlier, it was kind of cloudy by the time we got there. Next time! It’s almost too bad I won’t be hugely pregnant in the summer. I’ll bet the pool would be nice. All in all, though, I’m extremely glad I won’t be.

Now, regarding weight gain. I’m going to listen to my wise blog readers and not stress about it. I had a bad day on Saturday where I really didn’t eat enough and I had painful hunger pangs that would not go away. Lesson learned. I’m going to start keeping snacks in my purse. Granola bars and stuff like that. Dipped in lard. Heh. Kidding.

Wednesday’s my doctor’s appointment. I’m looking forward to asking all of my questions – when will I start seeing the Maternal-Fetal specialist? That’s my number one question. But I have lots more written down. I was just so stunned at the last appointment that there was no room for questions. This time, I’ll be prepared.

Speaking of being prepared, I’ve had a lot of people asking (already) about showers. (Especially my friends who like to shop. Heh heh.) I don’t know how it works with high-risk pregnancies like this. I don’t want to have one too soon, that just seems presumptuous. I’d like to wait until 24 weeks, at least. I don’t want to wait too long, either. What if I’m on bed rest and I can’t go to my own shower? (Someone on a message board I read had this happen to her. So sad!) It sounds petty and small, but like I said, people ask about it. So…triplet-mom-readers, what do you think?

And on the topic of “stuff”, I have to say I have the most generous friends and family. We already have three cribs promised to us, three swings, three bouncy chairs, a metric shitload of clothes, a double stroller, a breast pump (apologies to any male readers), a bassinett, and so much other stuff I can’t even remember. It’s overwhelming how much people want to help out. Yay for people!

Okay, must go…eat.