Must write quick entry, as am being bad blogger.

Last night George and I went to Outback for dinner. Goooood protein! It’s been too long since I’ve had a steak (I think since the time in JUNE when we had George’s parents over to eat, and we told them I was pregnant.) Well, now that I think about it, I think we had it one other time at a friend’s house. Yes, we did. But twice in five months? Babies need more meat! Heh. Anyway, that was yum and a nice splurge.

Then we went and got a new electric kettle since my last one (which has served me well for the last eight years, RIP) started making ominous sparking noises yesterday morning. Gotta admit, the new one is nice. Then we went to B&N where I bought a wedding magazine because I’m designing a wedding album for one of the couples that was featured in it! I’m practically famous, people.

Isn’t our life fascinating? What I did realize last night after even the short amount of time I spent on my feet, is that I’m slowing down. It sucks, but I guess I’m lucky I’ve gone this long feeling pretty good. Even last Friday, at the doctor, when I asked him about bedrest, he said probably I’d go on it in the next month or two, depending on how I’m feeling. Well, at the time, I thought I could last til Thanksgiving, at least. But now, not so sure. I think I need to talk to my boss about working from home now. Thank goodness he’s open to that.

So…exciting plans for the weekend? Need to make some returns to BRU of duplicate gifts and exchange some onesies for bigger ones, stuff like that. And then I’m going to my friend’s son’s first birthday party. Par-tay! Woooooooooo! Tee’s coming over tonight (I think) to help organize the nursery. Maybe I’ll take some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, here are a bunch from the shower!

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    Geeeez, you sure party alot! You had THE cutest kids at your shower!! I’ll have to go back and see how big the peanuts are measuring now. Those floating babies are kinda creeping me out now since I take care of ones that size. Picturing them floating around is just too weird for my feeble mind. I’m getting more and more excited. 🙂 Please don’t name them things like Truth, Faith, & Justice or Stacey, Tracey, & Casey. I’m cranky because I want your babies at my hosp so I can supervise their care and make sure they are spoiled rotten. All babies need oodles of love and mommas need to be fussed at to take care of themselves. And NOT drive until the doc says so. Prepare for lectures on that. 🙂 Let me know how the talk about working from home goes!FYI- re: preemie clothes if such a thing is even needed. Burlington has a nice chunk of clothes at decent prices. Walmart has a good selection with good prices, alot of Carter’s clothes. Dillard’s has some cute but expensive outfits, not many though.


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