Not a whole lot to post about. Sleep is going badly. Blech. It’s just hard to get comfortable, and my hands are numb when I wake up from sleeping on my arms. My middle fingers are the worst, strangely enough. Oh well, no more flipping rude drivers off. Ha ha! Kidding! Of course I still do that.

Spend part of the weekend organizing the nursery. Just LOOK at this closet…


I mean REALLY. It doesn’t get any better than that! Of course, you know me. It’ll get MUCH worse than this. I have to take everything out to wash it anyway. But it’s nice to look at, yes?

We also got the triple stroller and put it together. Oh my. Wow. That’s a big stroller. And one day we’ll have a vehicle big enough to put it in. Disturbing thought. Heh.

Okay, that’s about all I got.

7 thoughts on “10/16/07

  1. Searching

    The closet looks very nice. Although seems very tiny for 3 munchkins. Perhaps George will have to give up his half of the available space. Sounds fair, since you have to give up more than half your body space for them now. Each time i’ve held a 23-27 weeker lately I wonder how big they are in relation to your pumpkins. I can’t wait! 🙂


  2. Emily, Mommy and Daddy

    don’t you have anything to say to your dear sister? (I’m pregnant won’t work here since that’s obvious.)


  3. Anonymous

    I had pregnancy induced carpel tunnel with my 2 pregnancies. Thought it was worth mentioning since you said your hands fall asleep. They can give you splints to wear at night, even steriod shots if the pain gets way worse. I had to deliver both of my children early to relieve the tension. Just a thought!Tracy, in South Dakota


  4. Emily, Mommy and Daddy

    I had major carpel tunnel. It sucks. It just went away recently. You won’t be able to wear splints around the babies, so best to rest them while you can now. I aggravated mine by playing too much solitaire on my handheld.


  5. Anonymous

    That’s great that they don’t hurt. Mine got so horrible that I couldn’t even brush my teeth or my hair. UGH! That is why they induced labor. I haven’t had a problem since. It was just a pregnancy thing…Tracy


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