A post! I mean to post more, I do, but then I forget. Or don’t think I have much to say. Let’s see if this “post by email” works. I haven’t done it in a while.

So this weekend, we went with George’s parents to Babies R Us and got a crib and three mattresses. Very exciting to have brand-spanking-new mattresses in all of the cribs. And last night, George put the new one up, so now all three are set up. We even semi-arranged the room, since Kristina is coming to visit this weekend. Yay!

Somehow I thought three cribs and a double bed would fit better than they do. Alas, I don’t think the double bed will be long for that room…I’m hoping maybe we can find a foldout loveseat or something. We need somewhere to put guests. Then again, how thrilled would you be to find yourself sharing the guestroom with three newborns? Heh.

Well, we’ll figure something out. For now, it’s fine. But after my showers, all available space will probably be taken up by diapers. Heh.

On Sunday, some friends brought over their eight-week-old, Lucy. She is sooooo cute. Oh my gosh. She actually looks a lot like Polly and Colin’s little girl to me, which is good because, well, she’s really cute too! The world could do with more cute babies. Heh. Anyway, Lucy is my new best friend. We hung out, she stared at me, drooled a bit, wobbled her head around. I fed her, but left the burping and diaper-changing to Daddy. (Her daddy. You don’t think George would touch a baby with a ten-foot-pole, do you? Even one as cute as Lucy?) I figure I’ll get enough of that soon enough.

Speaking of cute babies, Emily will be here a week from Thursday! Well, not here-here, but Baton Rouge. I’ll see her a week from Friday. I’m not supposed to lift anything over ten pounds, though. Uh oh. She’s a chunk, so I’m going to have to have her handed to me, I guess. No way am I not holding her! She’s my pumpkin!

Okay, let’s see if this post works….

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  1. pam

    oh yeah! i KNEW i forgot to tell him something! :Pwell, it’s certainly going to be a trial by fire for him. he KNOWS he’s going to be changing the diapers!


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