I got a haircut! It’s exciting! It’s been so long since I’ve had a real, grown-up haircutting experience. Well over a year, for sure. I do miss getting my hair cut by Catherine in Baton Rouge, but it’s been since right after the wedding that I’ve seen her and now I feel like I can’t just go back. Plus, it’s kind of a pain to get to Baton Rouge for a haircut. (Excuses, excuses.)

Anyway, it’s not a very different cut – the length is still there, but she took a lot of the weight out of it and layered it a little bit so hopefully I’ll be able to blow-dry it in the morning so it looks nice. And it won’t take ten hours. V exciting.

But even more exciting…Kristina and Anne are flying in tonight! Anne’s staying with her mom, but Kristina’s staying here. I can’t wait! I think I’d better take a nap after work today so I can make it to the airport for their 10:30 flight.

And tomorrow’s my shower!

And yesterday I saw Ann (my old roommate from college, Ann) at work! She just popped into my office. So exciting! That was awesome. Don’t you love it when that happens?

Okay, I’d better go take my shower now so I can dry my hair. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about drying my hair.

Oh yeah, one other thing. George finally felt a baby moving last night. It freaked him out more than I’ve ever seen him freaked out before. Heh. Awesome. (This from a sci-fi addict? Pathetic!)

4 thoughts on “9/28/07

  1. paula

    There is nothing better than a good haircut. (And nothing worse than a bad one) I’m loving this George phenomenon. Can’t wait to watch it unfold…. DADDY!


  2. Searching

    Sounds like a fun day! Hope you have a great time at your shower!! How exciting for George to finally feel one of those munchkins. 🙂


  3. Jennifer and Rob

    I’m thinking of chopping my hair off. I really can’t do anything with it other than put it up!Oh.. and due to recent events.. I’m not updating my blog for awhile.. sorry!!


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