What’s up?

Same old, same old.

Lots and lots of work.


Made myself another Artists Box Top out of the Liberty lawn I bought in May. Cotton lawn is by far my favorite fabric in the world. So light but crisp and easy to sew and doesn’t wrinkle horribly. Perfect for summer. Also I’m rather proud of this one because I made my own facings instead of trying to use bias tape, which I’ve never been able to find a good tutorial for using it on a v-neck.


I also made George another button down shirt for Father’s Day. I couldn’t find any more Doctor Who fabric, but I found this one covered in cocktails at a local sewing store. (I had to make an appointment to shop. I felt v important.)

And I made myself this Holyoke sundress from Cashmerette. The top ended up a little big, and I’m not super comfortable with my arms out like this, but I’ll get over it when the temp is 100. This one is made out of a linen/rayon blend.



Bagels that looked funky but tasted good.


Dinner rolls that look and taste amazing.


Beignets from scratch!


The boys and I ate at a restaurant for the first time since March! We went to Tartine, which friends of our own. It was delightful and the food was delicious and nice to feel sorta normal.


Premier League games started up again, so now it’s even harder to get the boys to focus on summer reading.


And when they’re not watching soccer or avoiding reading, they’re playing Minecraft with their cousins, which warms my heart.

My cilantro is practically thriving.

And Ziggy is as ridiculously cute as ever. He got a new collar! And I got a lick to the face!


Until next time….


Seriously, I’m a pizza genius. I think I’ll have to open Pam’s Pizzeria to share my talent with the world. It’s just not fair otherwise.

Then again, you know how they say not to eat pizza right before you go to bed, or else you’ll have nightmares? I’m thinking George must’ve eaten his dinner late because at about 4 am, he springs up in bed, yelling about the bugs. Hee hee.

Actually, let’s not blame the pizza. Let’s blame the gift I gave him for Easter. Some violent alien-filled videogame. Tee hee. (I can laugh about it now.)

Is it Wednesday already? That’s good. Halfway through the week! Tonight is Top Chef! This weekend is prom! And I’m volunteering at French Quarter fest. (Why do I do this? I hate the music at FQF but this is the second year I’ve volunteered. Ah, it must be my kind and generous heart.)

Okay, back to being bored.

Weekend recap

Soooo, who had a nice weekend? I did! I did! Let’s see, what did I do?

A little design work for a bed & breakfast around the corner. Went to visit the second cutest baby in the world. (Ellie’s number one. Always number one. But Elliot is a v close second. But I can’t put him above my niece! But really. It’s close.) Went to a wedding. Went to Baton Rouge. Got a prom dress.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a fun weekend? It really was.

I also got a food scale for my baking endeavors. Right now I have a mixture of flour, yeast, and water bubbling away and fermenting in my fridge. Actually, maybe it’s just resting. Not sure what it’s doing. But tonight I’m going to make some bread with it, by golly, and it’d better be delish. All this waiting!

The weather couldn’t have been more gorgeous. Ahhh.

This week will involve cleaning the house in preparation for Easter dinner. And buying a ham. And deciding which kind of bread I want to make. Mmm. Tough choice. Oh yeah, and Saturday is the Crescent City Classic. I think I’m all prepared for it, but I tend to forget that I’ve been training in the air conditioned comfort of my gym, and the race will be outside. Where it’s not air conditioned. Where it’ll be in the 80s, probably. Hmm.