Slumber party musings…

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It was after I made the doughnut run the next morning on mere minutes of sleep (I may exaggerate, slightly) while the children were passed out, draped over various pieces of furniture with video game controllers slipping from their fingers, pizza crusts and chips ground into the sofa, and Capri Sun packets littering the floor, that I made the solemn oath that next year we’d have a nice, calm party during the day at, like, McDonald’s or something.


I have to admit I had fun writing this one.

Thanks to my friend Jenn for the idea. I was agonizing over the very thought of yet another slumber party, and she suggested I write a blog post about. So I did. Though I still am not sure about it, and it’d be two weeks from tomorrow, so I guess I’d better make a decision fast.



Well, the boys’ birthday has come and gone, and I think I’ve finally recovered from their party. But not quite enough yet to host another slumber party next year. We’ll see. I am guessing I’ll capitulate once again. Words of wisdom: Hosting slumber parties is like childbirth.

The Party

We had five boys come over (so 8 total) and thank goodness my friends Teresa and Jenn (one of the boys’ moms) stayed to help for the evening. After eating pizza, we walked down the levee in the fog to see the bonfire. There were tons of people there, but fortunately, the side we were on wasn’t crowded. Between the fog and the crowds, I was a little nervous. But each adult was assigned a triplet and a friend or two, so it worked out fine.

We saw people doing weird things with fire (not sure what to call them) and then the bonfire was lit! It was cool. The kids enjoyed it. And it killed some time.

My favorite picture of the fire:


After we got back to the house, we had cake (that I made!) and sang three times, as usual.

I’d also bought some canvases and pastels from Michael’s and they got to make artwork, which killed about, oh, 7 minutes. They were all too excited about playing on the Switch.

I went to sleep at around midnight but the boys didn’t. Well, two of them did. But the rest informed me they were going to stay up all night long. I rolled my eyes at this, but sure enough, when I was woken by the patter of little feet at 4am, I knew the other parents were going to hate me.

(Well, I mean, surely they expected this?) (No one was mad in the end.)

I groggily got up at around 7, and there were a few passed out boys here and there. Apparently, mine napped for about an hour in the middle of the night at various points, so I think only one kid truly stayed up all night (he conked out on the sofa in the morning.)

I went to get donuts for the kids, and the parents started coming to pick them up around 9. And then the boys napped off and on throughout the afternoon. There was a trip to Target late in the day to spend the gift cards that were burning holes in their pockets.

The Big Day

Monday was their actual birthday and the poor kids had to go to school. I drove them, though, so they didn’t have to suffer through a bus ride.

But first! They got to open presents from Grandee and Larry and Kiki. Those were the big gifts. Miles got the drawing tablet he coveted, the promise of a custom sweatshirt (he wanted to use the tablet to draw a design for it), and a pogo stick. (Fun!) Linus got a drone and Mario Odyssey for the Switch. Oliver got a controller for the Switch, some fancy markers, a kite, and a book on drawing. A good haul!


I spent the day trying to work, but mostly failing when I realized that I didn’t have a decent gift for Oliver. (I ran to the store to get something, whew.) George and I picked them up from school later that day, took them to guitar lessons, and then went and had a nice dinner.


Afterwards, they got to open their gifts from us (Linus got a Pokemon game and Ticket to Ride, Oliver got some drawing supplies (including a drawing mannequin that Ziggy promptly ate), Miles got fancy colored pencils and the sweatshirt I accidentally already mentioned.)

All in all, a great but exhausting birthday. They loved all their gifts, which was gratifying. Now just to figure out what to get them for Christmas…

Good, bad, and ugly


The boys had their slumber party (now over a week ago!) The cake was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Love so much. They had a great time, and most importantly, I survived a night with nine 8 and 9 year old boys.

Oliver had his last day at the zoo classroom. Got to watch him in a movie and he gave a presentation on endangered species.

Oliver’s new purple hair:


Miles got his roots done:



How I felt the day after we went out for tiki drinks. But it was totally worth it. 🙂

Linus is currently sick. His asthma is acting up. We’re leaving soon for our trip, so I really need everyone to be healthy again. Yeesh. I mean, look how sick:



Ziggy has heartworms. 😦 I was so upset when I found out, but I’m a bit calmer now, after doing some research. We seem to have caught it pretty early, thank god. Not looking forward to keeping him still for two months, though.

These sweaters:


6 tries was all it took

Every year, I’ve stressed about the boys’ birthday party. I enjoyed stressing about it, don’t get me wrong. I was one of those people who loved planning all the silly details of my wedding, and because that went off so well, I always expect their birthday party to as well. But it never turns out like I had hoped. (I should say that the boys’ party guests are unlikely to have ever been too concerned that the cake pops were wonky or that I forgot to put out the hummus. But I did, dangit.

But this year, I don’t know, it all went off as well as I could have hoped. Even though the weather forecast was forbidding. Even though I had no real activities planned for the kids. Even though I was worried no one would want to cross the bridge in the pea-soup fog.

In the end, it was perfectly fun. I rented a bounce house even though the boys never want to go into them at parties. I figured, at least the other kids would have fun. But turns out, the boys loved having one at their house. And from the same company, I rented a popcorn machine. So fun! A huge hit with adults and kids alike.

So it basically all went off without a hitch, I think. There was enough food (but not TOO too much), enough to drink, enough activities, and it didn’t rain! (It was just kinda damp the whole time, but no biggie!)

My only regret is that we had to limit the number of attendees. I just couldn’t do the “invite everyone in all of their classes plus all the neighborhood kids plus all the kids they’re friends with that are in other classes” thing like I did last year. So I told the boys they could invite 7-8 friends each, plus a few others, and that was just right. I guess we ended up having about 20 kids there plus their parents, which was probably just short of a fire hazard.




My most glowing reviews came at the end of the party when the boys proclaimed it was “the best day ever!” Can’t ask for more than that.

Weekend recap

Must recap the last few days. I am beyond exhausted, so much has been going on!

So let’s start with Friday…

That morning, I dropped the boys off at daycare so I could get some things done in the morning. At around 11:30, I headed to daycare for their birthday party there, which really just involved getting cake and sharing it with the other kids.

My mom met me there, and then she and the daycare teachers helped me get the boys changed. We were off to the NICU party at the hospital. It was pretty crowded and very hot, but I was glad to see some friends there and to see my beloved doctor who delivered the boys. It was also neat to see some of the NICU nurses and my doctor’s nurse who also had triplets (weird, eh?)

Meanwhile, there’s a TV news camera there, shooting footage. He gets some of the boys, but he didn’t do any interviews or anything. Which is weird, because later that day, the channel that shot the footage is doing commercials for that night’s news broadcast. “Featuring a follow-up, one year later with the triplets and quads born all on the same day.” So they’re showing footage of me holding the boys and George and I being interviewed, from last year, on this promo. But we were never told there was a “follow up” story! It was very strange.

So the news comes on, and basically they show a few shots of the boys (never saying who, exactly, they are) along with a bunch of other kids at the party. Weird. There’s some raw footage of the event here, and a written story here. Anyhoo. Not sure if that made any sense. Sorry.

At the NICU reunion with the quads:

That night, after we get the boys to bed, my mom and I go shop for some party supplies.


Wake up, start decorating. My mom makes the frosting for the cupcakes. I am getting super-stressed because the party is approaching, nothing is getting done, the boys won’t take naps, the house is still a mess, I am still wearing my pajamas (though I’d already showered) and people will be arriving soon.

But by the time three o’clock rolls around, things are falling into place, and some friends came over to help get ready. The party itself actually goes really well. The boys (esp Oliver) won’t wear the gorgeous party hats I had made for them, and the house isn’t as neat as I’d hoped it would be, but everyone (including the boys) had a good time. So, what more can you ask for? They got a lot of loot, as you can imagine. A Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn House. Four ride-on toys. (The Mater one from Cars is my favorite, and theirs. Hee!) Some wooden puzzles. A huge box of wipes (I asked for those, heh). Some money for the 529s I’m going to open soon. Some cute sweaters. Lots of toys. Lots and lots of toys. I’m going to be saving some for later in the year.

And now, some pictures!

Cozy coupe! Loooove. And lookie, a bow on top! I love that. 🙂

The cupcakes and food. And cheap beer.

The felt flag banner that I spent many, many hours working on.

The playroom looked like a daycare…

Now, I can show you pictures of the boys eating their cake…


(Oliver) (who did a little palate-cleansing with some Cheerios, but don’t worry, he finished his cake too.)


You should have seen Miles with the cake. He was literally licking the plate. Well, here, you can see:

I’m kind of sad I don’t have any pictures from outside. It was a beautiful day, even though it was a bit chilly. I hung up flags (the plastic pennants that car dealerships use, you know?) and bunches of helium balloons. It was festive. 🙂

So anyway. Yesterday we just kind of lazed around. Cleaned up a bit, but mostly just hung around the house. Last night we pulled the boys in the wagon down to our friends’ pizza place for a Christmas party. Oh my god, the food was amazing (not pizza.) They had prime rib and charbroiled oysters and stuffed mushrooms and cauliflower soup and smoked duck and some kind of salmon and grilled asparagus…oh man. The boys were being v crabby though, so we left after a bit. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Today I took them to the pediatrician for their one year well-baby visit. They weren’t quite well, so we have to go back next week for their shots. After two rounds of antibiotics, they still have fluid in their ears, so we have to make an appointment with an ear doctor as well. Sigh.

As for their stats, I left the sheets in my car, but guess what? Oliver is bigger than Linus again! Those two, they just can’t stop competing for the title of “Heaviest Baby in the House.” They’re all about 30″ long though.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I may have already mentioned this, if so, sorry. 🙂 Make sure you watch at least the beginning of the show about the deaf and blind triplets that will be on Discovery Health on the 17th. The boys’ ultrasound will be used for it.