Need a new purse?

I know I do…so when I saw that my friend Lani, a fellow triplet mom, was giving one away (Coach, no less!), I was v excited. So perhaps I shouldn’t be sharing this link. Like I need competition in this?

But…she’s doing this to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Remember, back in 2003, when I ran (okay, walked too) the Marine Corps Marathon? Remember? And I had to raise some ungodly sum of money? And I did? Well, that’s what Lani’s doing, except she’s running her race at Disney World. (Lucky!)

So, not only can you help Lani raise money for the LLS, you can also possibly win that Coach bag! (And give it to me because I would love a red purse.)

And it’s easy – for every dollar you donate, you get an entry into the contest. Sweet! Go check out her blog entry for more details….

Nice weekend

Finally had a nice, relaxing weekend. Because the boys were at their grandparents’. Heh. What can I say? They’re at a busy age. Or something.

Oliver said his first two word phrase (I mean, that I’ve heard) this morning. “My cracker!” Heh. Those boys, they do love their crackers, and are fiercely protective of them. Mmmm, generic Ritz crackers…

So, what did we do? Well, we went out to eat Friday night. And Saturday I slept until 9 am! Woo! Then I did some cleaning, some shopping, some going-to-the-gymming, some “gardening”. (If you count filling a garden with rocks so that nothing will grow in it “gardening”. I do.)

And then I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening lounging around with friends. It was really nice and relaxing. Just what I needed.

Yesterday, after I picked the boys up, I took all three to Whole Foods. While it is, of course, ridiculously expensive, they have nice clean carts that will easily hold up to four kids. How I love it so. We sat and ate lunch and they were good! I guess they knew they had to act classy in a store like that. Heh.

I wish I had some cute pictures to jazz this up…oh wait, I do!

One guess…

This one’s Oliver. Feeling tropical.

Linus, looking curiously at his goofy father:

This week, my challenge is to make it to the gym at least 3 times. I am unofficially training for a half-marathon on Halloween, and even though I’m just going to walk it, I guess I should be in some kind of decent shape, eh? I found out some of my friends do some of the classes at my gym, so I’m eager to try them out. Should be fun.

Answers, part 1

Oooh, isn’t this fun? Thanks for all the questions so far. Keep sendin’ them if you want, here’s the question post.

Janna asks…

1. Do you have secret ridiculous wishes for your boys (like, do you imagine Miles being a rockstar and Linus an astronaut and Oliver a tight rope walker)?

Hmm. Not quite yet, except I did harbor a fantasy that Oliver was going to be a famous soccer player because he was getting adept at kicking a ball around. However, he seems to have lost interest for the moment.

2. How did they not know that your babies were identical in utero? Did they split so early as to all have their own outer sacks?

The boys were clearly monochorionic, but I’m not sure why my doctors never would say for sure that they were identical (or monozygotic). I wish they had, I probably would have been monitored more closely for TTTS and other complications. I know we’re incredibly lucky that we didn’t have any issues related to their monozygosity.

We did worry that two of them were monoamniotic (sharing one amniotic sac, which ups the risk of cord entanglement), but at about 23 weeks, my doctor found that they were indeed in their own amniotic sacs, which was a huge relief.

Evan (the boys’ uncle) asks:

Where did Ellie lose her board for Candy Land? We have looked all over the house.

Look under the sofa or behind her dresser.

Helen, also the mother of identical boy triplets, asks:

Do you look at other identical triplets and think they look more identical than your own?

Hmmm. I think my boys look pretty darn identical, so I guess the answer to that is no. But I think that some look at least as identical as mine. (In other words, no, I can’t tell your boys apart. Ha ha!) I do see some that don’t look very identical to me, but I think that might be my eyes playing tricks on me.

Brandy wants to know:

When the trips were newborns how did you know who was who? did you keep like an anklet or something with their name on them at all times?

We did keep their hospital anklets on them for a long time, but we also kept them in order wherever they were in their cribs. They were also dressed differently, and sometimes I’d write their initials on the bottom of their feet.

Also, Oliver has a birthmark on his butt, so if necessary, we could always figure it out at diaper change time. Miles was easy – he was lighter than the other two, so picking him up and comparing him to one of his brothers was a sure way to distinguish him.

Amymarie wonders:

How many times a day do you get asked, “Are they triplets”? Does it annoy you, or do you like it?

It depends. If we go somewhere with all three, then I’m sure to be asked a few times, especially if they’re in their wagon. If we put them in a double stroller and a single stroller, we don’t get as many questions. (Honestly, hardly anyone even asks if the two in the double are twins. I guess people are used to seeing twins.) And no, it doesn’t bother me. Unless I’m in a really bad mood.

What percentage of your take home pay goes towards day care?
About half of mine, but about a fourth of our household income. Roughly. I don’t like to think about it.

Angie wants to know:

Are you going to run another marathon? That’s when I started reading your blog.

Oh Angie, my goodness! You are the eternal optimist. Ha ha! Okay, well, I don’t know about another full marathon. One day, maybe, when the boys are older. But I do want to do the Jazz Half-marathon in October. It’s here in New Orleans, and it’s to raise money for our Children’s Hospital, which, as you know, is like our second home. Yeesh.

Okay, one more for today, gotta save some for another post tomorrow!

Maggie asks:

I was wondering if you went through any sort of IF treatments, and if you knew that there was a possibility of having triplets. This is going to sound dumb, but how do identical triplets happen? I’ve never heard of it until your story.

We did not go through any fertility treatments to conceive the boys. While identical twins and triplets do occasionally result from fertility treatments, more often than not, they’re spontaneous (never say natural! All babies are natural!)

I never in a gajillion years expected to have multiples. Especially not triplets. Who ever thinks they’re going to have triplets? Ha ha! Biggest shock ever! I wrote a post about it not too long ago

Identical triplets happen when the fertilized egg splits, and then one of those halves splits again. (Here’s a handy chart I made.) It happens pretty rarely (I’ve heard anywhere from 1:60,000 births to 1:250,000,000 births, but I’d wager it’s more on the 1:60,000 end) but I have quite a few mom friends now with identical triplets. Here are just a few!

Okay, more to come tomorrow! Fun!

Six years!

Six years ago, I was v nervous. I had a date with this goofy guy named George that I’d met at a pub a few nights before. Eeep, a boyyyy!

I’m so glad I have been blogging since 2001. It’s funny to go back and read my posts from way back when. Like my bitter diatribe about Valentine’s Day, which just happened to be my last single Valentine’s Day.

I didn’t write much about those early days, because what if George was reading? But there are a few little clues here and there. It got better later on in our relationship. I wrote more about the times like when we bought our house, when we got engaged, and of course about our wedding.

(I just like posting that picture because I was so thin then. Speaking of, I’m starting back on WW this week. Heh.)

Who could have ever possibly guessed that those innocent kids from six years ago would end up like this?

10 weird things about me

Fun! I’ve been tagged by Rachael! I have to list ten weird/random things about me… I guess since she’s a triplet mom too, I can’t list that as one of my weird things. Ha ha!

Boy, I hope I can think of ten things. 😛

1. I hate celery. Don’t even THINK of trying to sneak it in somewhere. There is no time that celery is EVER okay. And believe me, it DOES have a taste. Hmmph. It makes me retch to even think about. (And, for the record, I don’t really think that’s a weird thing about me. I think it’s weird that other people like it. So there.)

Oh no, I can’t think of anything else! I’m perfectly normal! Do these have to be things that none of my friends/family know about? Because I’m pretty much an open book. I can’t think of anything new to say…

2. I quit smoking on February 2, 2004. So did Kristina (my BFF). We rule!

3. I have run two marathons. The London Marathon in April 2002 (a few days before I met George) and the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2003. I kinda hope to do another one someday, but I think I’d rather do lots of 5Ks instead.

4. I wanted to be a microbiologist in high school. And then I took microbiology. Heh. But my dad used to buy me these books on cell biology and stuff when I was younger, and I was just fascinated by mitochondria and all that.

5. I desperately need to update this. That’s not weird, I’m just saying. It’s weird to read something like that, before we had kids, before we got married, before Katrina, even. Yeah, three years ago. Definitely need to update. But right now it’s providing inspiration for this list.

6. I lived in London for six months with Kristina and Anne. Now Kristina and Anne are sisters-in-law. I’m so jealous of that! But don’t worry, George is safe. Their husbands don’t have another brother anyway. Ha!

7. I have two tattoos. One of Calvin & Hobbes, courtesy of my 19 year old self. That would have been 1994. Then the strip was cancelled shortly thereafter. And the is a British flag with a little runner on top of it. That’s commemorating my first marathon. I don’t think I’ll get any more.

8. This is hard!

9. Very

10. Hard!

Whew, 10 things! That wasn’t easy.

I’m tagging anyone who has a blog that reads this but never comments. Now you have to comment!

PS If I think of anything else weird, I will add it.


I’d like to note right now the sucky side-effects of pregnancy that I’m experiencing:

– my ankles and feet are starting to swell. Already. To the point where shoes aren’t fitting. Is it the heat? I drink a ton of water, but maybe I need to drink two tons. Suggestions?

– the lovely zits that are gracing my chest, back, and neck. Purty.

– getting winded going up a flight of stairs. Remember that marathon I did that one time? (Okay, fine, that was four years ago. How about the half-marathon I did in February with Kettie.) It’s hard to believe I was ever in that kind of cardiovascular shape. Sigh.

Okay, that’s enough bitching for now. Just wanted to document that. Yeah.

Had a fun weekend. Babysat Liam Friday night (he completely wore me out, but fortunately he was okay with running around while I laid on the couch.) Saturday I went to the French Quarter with Stephanie and Liam – most likely the last time I’ll do that much walking for a long time. My feet still hurt. But it was fun and totally worth it. And yesterday we went over to their house for a barbecue. I ate a ton of salad and some grilled meat, too, which means I think I’m getting over some of my food aversions. Both of those things were repugnant to me just a few weeks ago.

Oh yeah, one cool thing…on Saturday night, I met a triplet! A grown-up triplet! He has an identical brother and a sister, and it was pretty cool to get info from him. He was very reassuring, except for the part where he spoke of the “spectacular fights” they could get into. Sigh… ha ha!

Feb 26, 2007

Ooof, am sore today! Kettie came in this weekend and we did the Mardi Gras half-marathon yesterday. We did pretty good, I think, considering neither of us really trained for it.

We also went and saw Music and Lyrics on Saturday. I have to see it again, I loved it. And I’m humming the songs, can’t get them out of my head. Ack! Highly recommend it.

Also got some sky-high heels for Kristina’s wedding. Must practice wearing them. They are uber-dreamy, though.

Who watched the Oscars? Chris won the pool this year. Congratulations, Chris! If only I’d voted for the Departed for best picture. Oh well, I went out on a limb with LMS. (And I watched the Departed right before the Oscars came on. Still not sure I would have changed my vote.)

Jenny’s shower is this weekend. I think Miss Emily is going to end up a very well-dressed baby, thanks to Aunt Pam.

Fun stuff!

Do you ever have so much fun, that you’re almost jealous of yourself? Last night I had dinner with my friend Laurie, and it was just so nice. I hardly ever see her because she works full time (at night) and takes care of her son during the day. Yow! Speaking of her son, he is the sweetest pumpkin ever. His birthday party was on Sunday. Much fun was had playing on kid’s gym equipment.

Also had a fun weekend. Did Mary Kay facials on Saturday, and ended up buying the microdermabrasion kit. It’s amazing. Amazing. No kidding, I can’t wait to get my kit so I can have baby-soft and lineless skin.

Had fun with camera, too, but didn’t take as many pictures as I’d have liked to. My battery died at Elliot’s party, so I only got three pictures of the cake before it conked out.

Ran five miles on the treadmill at the gym last night. Hope I can maintain the losses I’ve had for the last few weeks!

Must continue to run lots. Kettie and I are doing the half marathon on the 25th. Eeeps!


Word to the wise:

Don’t do a half marathon on no training. Or, at least wear socks made of wicking material. Not cotton.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Had a fun weekend, even including the 13.1 mile death march I voluntarily participated in. Teresa and I went shopping on Saturday and got a ton of cute outfits. And yesterday after the “race” (I came in second-to-last, hurrah!) there was a barbecue at the pub. Which is always fun. And hard to feel guilty about eating after you’ve just burned 2000+ calories.

Lucky George has this week off work. Ah well, at least I don’t have to work on Friday, like some people do. Blech!

November 14, 2006

Fitness Goals. Something I’ve been thinking about. Or not, since I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. (You try running on the treadmill with a huge splinter in your heel! Not easy.)

But, let’s forget the splinter. Today, splinter or no, I will be at the gym on the treadmill. I would say I use the treadmill 90% of the time for my cardio exercise. Some people say they’re boring, but I highly disagree. Elliptical trainers – those are boring. You can only do one thing on them. But with treadmills you can walk or run. You can do hills or flat. You can run a 5K. Personally, since my goals include burning lots and lots of calories, I’ll set the treadmill so that my workout burns, say, 500 calories.

Or maybe I’m training for a race and I need to run 4 miles that day. So I’ll set the treadmill for 4 miles. Or when I was training for the Baltimore half marathon (which of course I didn’t do), I would set a brutal hill program because Baltimore is v hilly (and of course New Orleans is not, so even if I wanted to run outside in August, it wouldn’t do me much good.)

So today, my goal will just be to run. If I can just get this massive chunk of wood out of my foot.

July 11, 2006

Oh wow, this has to be the longest I’ve ever gone without posting. Bad Pam! Sorry about that. Wait, no one reads anymore anyway, so it’s okay. Whew.

Let’s see…Kristina came down for a day and we found her wedding dress. It’s so beautiful. Stunning. Breathtaking. It really is. No exaggeration.

Ren lives here now! Well, Hammond, which is about an hour away, but still…closer than Richmond!

Went to California. Duh. Ellie. There are not words to express Ellie. I adore her beyond all reason. She has the cutest wrist dimple where her chubby arm meets her chubby hand. It kills me. When she giggles, my heart melts. And so on and so forth. As soon as I get my pictures organized, I’ll post some. Because I cannot keep the Ellie all to myself. That would be unfair.

Right now I’m sick. Sinus infection gone awry. Hacking cough. That’s fun.

Working on some wedding albums. Now that really is fun.

Became enamored of a hair straightening iron. Really, it’s magic. I don’t hate my hair so much anymore. At least not on the days I use the iron.

Anne’s bachelorette party is the weekend after next. Can’t wait! Should be fun. Except for the bathing suit part. It’s at the beach in Delaware. My first trip to Delaware! Exciting.

Marathon training has been derailed a bit by illness and travelling. Must get back on track as soon as my lungs are empty of goo. Cross fingers.


Okay, okay, it’s been a while since I’ve updated. It’s a combination of blah and having too much to post. So I’ll make a bunch of short little paragraphs. Yes.

Went to Baton Rouge last weekend. Hung with Dee. That was fun. We ate, we shopped, we drank, we watched movies. What more can you ask for?

Going to California next week! Aaaagh! A week from today Ellie and I will be hanging out. Just Ellie and her favorite aunt. Woo hoo!

Going to San Diego for a few days too, for work. Going to take the train there from LA and then back to LA after the convention. I’ll get about 12 more hours of Ellie time, which is a great bonus.

Also I’m excited about taking a train. It’s a two-story train, too. Fun!

There’s a 5K as part of the convention activities. I want to do it, but I don’t think it’ll work out with my hotel being as far as it is from the convention site. I guess I could go to the sessions all stinky, but I don’t think that would be highly appreciated.

Tomorrow is my second long run of marathon training. Seven miles. Not bad.

Kristina is coming next week! Ren’s moving here next week! Well, Hammond, but it’s closer than Richmond, woo!

Making some focaccia right now. Using my handy-dandy new butcher block to knead the bread on. Got it at IKEA. Love IKEA.

Design site is going well.

Got a haircut last weekend. It’s short. But now it’s ready to grooooow again. Long. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, poor sick kids who need hair.

Okay, that’s about it. Actually, it kind of was an exciting week, with the San Diego trip planning and all.

There, that wasn’t so bad.