I’d like to note right now the sucky side-effects of pregnancy that I’m experiencing:

– my ankles and feet are starting to swell. Already. To the point where shoes aren’t fitting. Is it the heat? I drink a ton of water, but maybe I need to drink two tons. Suggestions?

– the lovely zits that are gracing my chest, back, and neck. Purty.

– getting winded going up a flight of stairs. Remember that marathon I did that one time? (Okay, fine, that was four years ago. How about the half-marathon I did in February with Kettie.) It’s hard to believe I was ever in that kind of cardiovascular shape. Sigh.

Okay, that’s enough bitching for now. Just wanted to document that. Yeah.

Had a fun weekend. Babysat Liam Friday night (he completely wore me out, but fortunately he was okay with running around while I laid on the couch.) Saturday I went to the French Quarter with Stephanie and Liam – most likely the last time I’ll do that much walking for a long time. My feet still hurt. But it was fun and totally worth it. And yesterday we went over to their house for a barbecue. I ate a ton of salad and some grilled meat, too, which means I think I’m getting over some of my food aversions. Both of those things were repugnant to me just a few weeks ago.

Oh yeah, one cool thing…on Saturday night, I met a triplet! A grown-up triplet! He has an identical brother and a sister, and it was pretty cool to get info from him. He was very reassuring, except for the part where he spoke of the “spectacular fights” they could get into. Sigh… ha ha!

6 thoughts on “7/30/07

  1. 1. finally some bitching!! thank god! i was worried! 2. was triplet in law school? the one that you met?


  2. I haven’t had either of the first two problems, but do expect that the third problem will ONLY GET WORSE as the babies take up more space. I get winded just sitting in a chair these days. Gawd its awful. These babies are sitting on my diaphragm, so I can never seem to catch my breath any more.


  3. i don’t remember his name…i don’t think he’s from here, but i’ll ask his friend who he was with.


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