July 24, 2007

Everyone….take a lesson from Kettie. Kettie has been showering the triplets with gifts ever since I found out about them. This is good. We like gifts. I mean, babies like gifts. First it was a big ol’ box of onesies (19!) and washclothes and swaddling blankets. Today it was three of these cute little diaper holders, in pink and brown dots. Does she know me, or what? THANK YOU KETTIE! I guess we have one name set now…Kettie.

The other name is going to have to be Amelia, after our sweet little friend in Pittsburgh. Thanks to Miss Amelia, I was able to order a bunch of maternity clothes from Old Navy. I do love maternity clothes. I can’t imagine going back to constricting waistbands ever again. Why would I do that?

But seriously, if I were going to name babies after everyone who has been so generous already, I’d need to be having a lot more than three. I have wonderful friends and family. I could get teary here, but my brother would just make fun of me for it.

PS Don’t watch Ace of Cakes (on the Food Channel) unless you have a box of cake mix in the pantry. Thank goodness I do! Mmmm, cake.

8 thoughts on “July 24, 2007

  1. So now I’m curious… What the HECK is a diaper holder? After triplets and then twins… I’ve NEVER heard of a diaper holder… I’m intrigued.


  2. whoa.. that’s a bigger guilt trip than the last three my MIL sent us on combined!


  3. nothing to see yet, i promise! just look normal (i.e., “thick”. heh.) maybe in a few weeks?


  4. It really has nothing to do with the babies and EVERYTHING about seeing my name mentioned several times in your blog!Ket 🙂


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