November 14, 2006

Fitness Goals. Something I’ve been thinking about. Or not, since I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. (You try running on the treadmill with a huge splinter in your heel! Not easy.)

But, let’s forget the splinter. Today, splinter or no, I will be at the gym on the treadmill. I would say I use the treadmill 90% of the time for my cardio exercise. Some people say they’re boring, but I highly disagree. Elliptical trainers – those are boring. You can only do one thing on them. But with treadmills you can walk or run. You can do hills or flat. You can run a 5K. Personally, since my goals include burning lots and lots of calories, I’ll set the treadmill so that my workout burns, say, 500 calories.

Or maybe I’m training for a race and I need to run 4 miles that day. So I’ll set the treadmill for 4 miles. Or when I was training for the Baltimore half marathon (which of course I didn’t do), I would set a brutal hill program because Baltimore is v hilly (and of course New Orleans is not, so even if I wanted to run outside in August, it wouldn’t do me much good.)

So today, my goal will just be to run. If I can just get this massive chunk of wood out of my foot.


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