Six years!

Six years ago, I was v nervous. I had a date with this goofy guy named George that I’d met at a pub a few nights before. Eeep, a boyyyy!

I’m so glad I have been blogging since 2001. It’s funny to go back and read my posts from way back when. Like my bitter diatribe about Valentine’s Day, which just happened to be my last single Valentine’s Day.

I didn’t write much about those early days, because what if George was reading? But there are a few little clues here and there. It got better later on in our relationship. I wrote more about the times like when we bought our house, when we got engaged, and of course about our wedding.

(I just like posting that picture because I was so thin then. Speaking of, I’m starting back on WW this week. Heh.)

Who could have ever possibly guessed that those innocent kids from six years ago would end up like this?

20 thoughts on “Six years!

  1. the schirano triplets

    love it pam! it is crazy how much happens in such a short time – isn’t it? looking back and realizing we had no idea what was to come makes it all the more fun!


  2. Jennifer

    I don’t think I comment on here much, but I check your blog every day. Can I just say how excited I am that you posted 5 times this week?!?!


  3. mandy

    Pam, you made me cry and now Annabel is looking at me like I’m crazy. I am so happy for you and George.


  4. Anonymous

    Pam,I love your posts. I of course love your pics of the boys most now — they are so beautiful. But I do enjoy keeping intouch (yes very one-sided) with a dear old friend. Happy Anniversary. Yvette


  5. Nic

    I have zero idea of how I found your blog, but I just love it. Your Valentine’s post cracked me right the heck up. Oh how things change. I will say though that I could swear I’ve seen your wedding pictures somewhere because I remember your dress — it’s gorgeous! (Then again, two years of wedding planning will make you hallucinate about wedding dresses.)Happy Anniversary to your family!


  6. The Dunn Family

    Happy Anniversary! It must be crazy to go from a couple to parents of 3 in practically the blink of an eye!!


  7. Anonymous

    Pam you’re awesome! You take care of the kids, work and now have time for WW. You’re my hero!Julie


  8. BuckeyeBundle

    Happy Anniversary!Love the wedding pic! You look just as great now as you did then! It’s funny that you say you posted it because you mentioned liking the skinny photo of yourself….I use “skinny” pictures and call them my inspiration photos too! Too bad my inspiration comes from nearly 8 years ago…probably a bit out of reach, but nevertheless I still dream of those size 4’s. 🙂 LOL! I hope WW is a big success!


  9. Anonymous

    Happy Anniversary! And, hey, I check up on your blog almost every day. (Not so much this week, because of work, though. . . .) – Love, your favorite cousin 🙂 Monica


  10. Momma-of-5

    Wow…only 6 years!?!?! That’s crazy! Congrats! WW, huh? I’m about 6m away from resorting to something like that. I can’t can’t can’t get this weight off. Maybe if I’d just wire my jaw shut? But honestly, I can’t figure it out…I don’t really eat that bad! Good luck!


  11. Christie

    Happy Anniversary! Amazing what can happen in a few short years. You looked (and still look) beautiful!


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