28 weeks!

28 weeks! I meant to post this yesterday, when I hit the big milestone.

I can’t believe there are only 6-8 more weeks (KNOCK ON WOOD) of this. But it’s so comforting to know that if the babies did decide to make their entrance earlier (NOT THAT THEY’RE ALLOWED TO) they’d more than likely be fine, for the most part.

Let’s see, what can I complain about? My numb hands? Yeah, that’s getting pretty old. But I guess I’m getting used to it. I had to start wearing this highly attractive belt thing to support my big ol’ belly. Actually, I’m not complaining about that. It’s pretty handy and it seems to help with the discomfort of carrying an extra 40 lbs on my torso. I will complain about my knees, though. They’re starting to ache a bit.

In better news, Wednesday is my last day of coming into the office. I’ll be working from home starting Friday (Thursday is a holiday for us) which I think will be good for me. I ordered a table to use as a desk while sitting on the sofa, which I hope will work out well.

Went to a Halloween party on Saturday night. I’ll post a picture of my costume when I get a picture from someone who brought a camera. It was a good costume in theory, if I wasn’t thrilled about the execution of
it. Ah well.

Next big milestone….30 weeks!


Man, I am soooo tired. So I will keep this entry short, but I know I need to post about my appointment yesterday, so here goes:

Well, everything is going well. What else to say? Ha ha…Babies look good. Weights are:
A: 2 lbs
B: 2 lbs 5 oz
C: 2 lbs 6 oz

I’d say “poor little A” but A was kicking B right in the head, so I’ll say “poor little B” instead.

As far as my health is concerned, all is well. Blood pressure is good, weight gain is good, and (apologies to males reading) cervix is long and doesn’t change when pressure is applied to my abdomen. I’m going to start working from home in the next week or so, which is going to be so much better. It’s just getting so hard to sleep and get up in the morning and get ready and drive into work, etc, etc. Just need to find a handy laptop desk that I can use on the sofa.

Doctor wants to see me get to 34 weeks at minimum, but I’m determined to be an overachiever and get to 36 weeks. πŸ™‚

George and I also toured the NICU, because chances are very good that they’ll end up in there, at least for a little while. I wasn’t too shocked by it, but I think George was a little shaken up by it. I’m really glad he saw it now, though.

Oh, pics? Want to see them? C was being uncooperative, so we only have A & B. But like it matters – they basically look all the same anyway. πŸ˜›

And more excitement – Kristina is coming in two weeks for a week to help me out, getting the house organized and ready and everything. Yaaaay! So exciting!


Yesterday was a fun day. Rode to Baton Rouge with my friends Mary and Andy and their little boy Fletcher. George even came! It was quite a novelty to be the passenger instead of the driver on a trip to BR. We were going to another friend’s twin’s first birthday party. (Fletcher’s was last weekend. Does it seem weird that the last four birthday parties I’ve been to have been for small children? Hmmm.)

Anyway, it was lots of fun. I got my first quilt from Aunt Caroline, I need to take a picture of it, it looks great in the nursery. I can’t wait to have the crib skirts too so I can really see how the nursery looks all put together!

Ever since I was 13 weeks pregnant, I’ve been taking a profile shot of my tummy every Sunday. I haven’t posted them publicly because, I don’t know, I’m shy. πŸ˜› But I suppose I can now. Isn’t it funny that 8 weeks ago I thought I looked pregnant? HA!

Here’s a link because I am NOT going to put the pictures right here. That’d be just mean. (Don’t worry, I’m completely clothed in all of these.)

Tomorrow is another appointment with the MFM. Hopefully they’ll give me some cute pics of the babies that I can post.


I suppose I should be posting again. I just don’t have anything interesting to say. My hands are still numb. Guess that won’t change for a few months! Heh. (Yes, a few months. I refuse to let these babies be born before December. And if they think December 1 is a good birthday, they’re wrong. December 17 would really put them in Grandee’s good graces, so I’m going to vote for that. And they’d be 35 weeks and maybe could come home with Mom and Dad! So even though December 23 is what I really want, I’ll settle for the 17th.)

I have another appointment with the doctor on Monday afternoon. I have lots of questions for him. Can’t wait to see the babies again. I wonder how big they are now? George laughed at my tummy last night. Hmmph. Then I explained that one day we’ll look back and think how tiny my tummy was last night. Because it’s only gonna get bigger. I mean, hopefully the babies will gain at least three pounds each between now and when they’re born. And considering they probably weigh about 2 lbs each now, that’s a LOT of growth. I’m going to need some more clothes. Perhaps I should go to the tent section of the sporting goods store. Hmmm. Quite fashionable, really.

In other news….oh yeah right. There’s nothing else going on in my life. Heh. That was a tease.


Not a whole lot to post about. Sleep is going badly. Blech. It’s just hard to get comfortable, and my hands are numb when I wake up from sleeping on my arms. My middle fingers are the worst, strangely enough. Oh well, no more flipping rude drivers off. Ha ha! Kidding! Of course I still do that.

Spend part of the weekend organizing the nursery. Just LOOK at this closet…


I mean REALLY. It doesn’t get any better than that! Of course, you know me. It’ll get MUCH worse than this. I have to take everything out to wash it anyway. But it’s nice to look at, yes?

We also got the triple stroller and put it together. Oh my. Wow. That’s a big stroller. And one day we’ll have a vehicle big enough to put it in. Disturbing thought. Heh.

Okay, that’s about all I got.


Must write quick entry, as am being bad blogger.

Last night George and I went to Outback for dinner. Goooood protein! It’s been too long since I’ve had a steak (I think since the time in JUNE when we had George’s parents over to eat, and we told them I was pregnant.) Well, now that I think about it, I think we had it one other time at a friend’s house. Yes, we did. But twice in five months? Babies need more meat! Heh. Anyway, that was yum and a nice splurge.

Then we went and got a new electric kettle since my last one (which has served me well for the last eight years, RIP) started making ominous sparking noises yesterday morning. Gotta admit, the new one is nice. Then we went to B&N where I bought a wedding magazine because I’m designing a wedding album for one of the couples that was featured in it! I’m practically famous, people.

Isn’t our life fascinating? What I did realize last night after even the short amount of time I spent on my feet, is that I’m slowing down. It sucks, but I guess I’m lucky I’ve gone this long feeling pretty good. Even last Friday, at the doctor, when I asked him about bedrest, he said probably I’d go on it in the next month or two, depending on how I’m feeling. Well, at the time, I thought I could last til Thanksgiving, at least. But now, not so sure. I think I need to talk to my boss about working from home now. Thank goodness he’s open to that.

So…exciting plans for the weekend? Need to make some returns to BRU of duplicate gifts and exchange some onesies for bigger ones, stuff like that. And then I’m going to my friend’s son’s first birthday party. Par-tay! Woooooooooo! Tee’s coming over tonight (I think) to help organize the nursery. Maybe I’ll take some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, here are a bunch from the shower!


So let’s see…lots to post about.

Had second appointment with new doctor. Still love him, am very glad I switched to him. Mom and Jenny and Emily came to the ultrasound. Emily wasn’t happy at first. This was my first hint of what a little piglet my niece is. But the cutest piglet on earth. But boy, when she’s hungry, you’d better have a bottle handy! I think that was really the only time she cried much, though. So she’s pretty easy to figure out.

Anyway, the appointment. I had to make Jenny and Mom cover their eyes whenever the u/s tech went near the gender bits. But funny story – the first u/s tech insisted they weren’t all the same sex. We were excited for a little while until the second (more experienced) tech informed us that yes, she firmly believes they are all the same sex. Oh well. They just like to keep me guessing!

Everything went well with the appointment. The babies look great (they have, and I quote “beautiful” hearts), my (ahem) cervix is in great shape, and my weight gain is good. (Heh. I still get a kick out of saying that.) Right now, I weigh more than I ever have in my whole life, and let me tell you, I’ve weighed a LOT. At least this time the weight is all in one place, and not in my chins, face, thighs, arms, neck, etc. The doctor said I’d probably go on bedrest in the next month or two, but it really depends on how I’m feeling. I hope that I can avoid it until, say, Thanksgiving, but we’ll just play it by ear. In any case, I hope to be able to work up til the babies are born. Thank goodness my job is pretty low-stress and my boss and coworkers are awesome. I can definitely do it from the comfort of my couch.

So after work on Friday, I drove to Baton Rouge so I could spend maximum time with Emily. My god, she is a cute baby. And she’s so blue-eyed and blonde and pink cheeked, it’s hard to imagine that she’s related to me. You should see the pictures of her with our cousin Molly, with her olive skin and beautiful brown eyes and thick, dark brown hair. You’d never believe they’re so closely related.

Anyway. The shower was on Saturday. It was so great, as usual. What could be more fun than opening lots of presents, especially when presents are teeny little outfits and toys and things of that nature? I also got a reeeeally nice diaper bag, which is definitely nicer than most purses I’ve ever owned. And there were tons of babies and kids there. I thought my feet might be spared from the onslaught of helpers, but alas, this was not to be. Between my cousin’s daughter and a friend’s daughter, I got pretty well trampled. But they’re cute, so it’s okay. Heh.

And the babies! Emily and Preston and Fletcher and Gavin and George – lots of playmates for the triplets! (I hope I didn’t forget any babies. There really were a lot there.)

Okay, this is getting long. So the shower was great. And then later that night we went to “watch” the LSU game at someone’s house. Of course, I don’t really watch football games, but I did eat a lot of chips and dip. And played with the aforementioned foot-tramplers.

Sunday was a brunch at my aunt’s house for my cousin Clark and his new wife. They got married on a rooftop, kind of on a whim, I think, and this was their brunch to celebrate. Yum. Cheesy grits. That’s all I gotta say.

That’s the gist of my weekend. I’m tired of typing. It was really fun. When I get pictures from people, I’ll post some….

Shower pics


That is a link to the flickr set from the shower. Disclaimer: no one told me to put powder on. I am v shiny. And I make weird faces. Oh well. That is me.


Ooops, sorry I haven’t been very good at posting lately. Mostly I’m waiting for something to post! Like shower pictures! I obviously didn’t take any (since I was too busy being photographed) so I have to wait to get them from other people. And I haven’t yet. Sigh. Ah well. Must remember. Am not center of the universe. Hee!

If you want to see how big and round I’m getting, here’s a picture of me and Ren and Anne being all Charlie’s Angels, knocked up-style.

Aren’t we some big ol’ dorks?

That should tide you over, eh?

Tonight I went to dinner with some girlfriends, and that was really nice. There were a lot of babies at the table, some born, some not. I got to hold a little bitty guy, but I can’t imagine three of them at once! Eeep!

Friday morning is my next appointment with my new doctor. Jenny and Emmy and Mom are coming – but they are only allowed in if they promise not to look at any gender parts. Hmmph. I don’t believe a bit that they’re going to behave, but they’d better. Or else. At least I know Emily won’t ruin any surprise for me. I can’t wait to see her!

Sleeping has been going somewhat better. I didn’t mention that I do pop Benadryl or Tylenol PM (if I have a headache at bedtime) pretty often, but I was trying not to do it every night. But if I’m not exhausted at night, I can’t see that I have any other option. Not sleeping sucks too bad.

Don’t tell George, but I sleep better when I have the whoooolllle bed to myself. I can stretch out and wedge pillows under and around me strategically. It’s really better for him, too, not to have to listen to my snoring. It’s times like this I wish we had a king-size bed (and a bedroom big enough for one.)

Babies have been moving a lot lately. Today they must be tired out because they have been somewhat calmer, but the past two days were nutty! It was fun. When I get bored at work, I can just watch my tummy. Better than TV, almost.

Okay…off to get ready for bed now!


I really want to post about this weekend, but I am sooooooo tired. I was awake for about an hour in the middle of the night, simply unable to sleep. Blech. I hate that. Probably the worst pregnancy thing so far is not being able to take decongestants. That’s part of why I can’t sleep. Also, it’s not easy to get comfortable. I haven’t mastered sleeping on my side yet. Where are you supposed to put your
arm? I don’t understand. Booo.

Anyway, I’ll post again later. I’ll just say for now that the shower was amazing, and people are so generous. And cake is so good. Mmmm. Also, I need to post about how I met a triplet family at a restaurant yesterday! That was awesome. Tiny, sweet, adorable baby triplets! Out with their family for lunch! This gives me much hope.


I got a haircut! It’s exciting! It’s been so long since I’ve had a real, grown-up haircutting experience. Well over a year, for sure. I do miss getting my hair cut by Catherine in Baton Rouge, but it’s been since right after the wedding that I’ve seen her and now I feel like I can’t just go back. Plus, it’s kind of a pain to get to Baton Rouge for a haircut. (Excuses, excuses.)

Anyway, it’s not a very different cut – the length is still there, but she took a lot of the weight out of it and layered it a little bit so hopefully I’ll be able to blow-dry it in the morning so it looks nice. And it won’t take ten hours. V exciting.

But even more exciting…Kristina and Anne are flying in tonight! Anne’s staying with her mom, but Kristina’s staying here. I can’t wait! I think I’d better take a nap after work today so I can make it to the airport for their 10:30 flight.

And tomorrow’s my shower!

And yesterday I saw Ann (my old roommate from college, Ann) at work! She just popped into my office. So exciting! That was awesome. Don’t you love it when that happens?

Okay, I’d better go take my shower now so I can dry my hair. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about drying my hair.

Oh yeah, one other thing. George finally felt a baby moving last night. It freaked him out more than I’ve ever seen him freaked out before. Heh. Awesome. (This from a sci-fi addict? Pathetic!)


I am now officially down to one doctor. Yippee! I had an OB appointment yesterday and told him that the new MFM and I decided that he would manage my care from here on out. Thankfully there were no ego issues, and OB agreed that it would be best. I am so relieved. And I’m sure my boss is happy too that I won’t have quite so many appointments from here on out.

I knew I made the right decision when the nurse came to check the babies’ heartbeats and only looked for one. I dunno, wouldn’t you think they’d write TRIPLETS on my chart in big ol’ letters? Don’t you?

In other news, I have now been dubbed Pamasnoraus. A new breed of dinosaur that makes loud noises while sleeping. Hmmph. Sorry George! He now spends most of the night on the couch. I really do try not to snore, but apparently it’s impossible. I miss sleeping on my tummy.