Ten years + real life

Ten years ago today, George and I got married. Crazy. I wrote this post for the New Orleans Moms Blog, a letter to our younger selves. Check it out!


But life goes on. We already really celebrated in June, when we went to England, and we’re hoping to have our anniversary dinner on the cruise in a couple of weeks. May as well, we’ll have plenty of babysitters around!

Miles got sick on Friday, then Oliver on Tuesday, and today Linus woke up with a fever. This is the life I couldn’t have predicted ten years ago.

Happy anniversary, Georgie!

Kristie’s wedding

Kristie and I have been friends for a loooong time. We met in middle school and have been through a lot together. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding (ten years ago this week!) and I was so excited to get to see her get married last weekend.

As usual, she looked gorgeous and the wedding was beautiful, if rainy. Very rainy. George and the boys were supposed to come (I even got the boys cute bow ties) but Miles got sick on Friday, so they stayed home. Probably just as well, considering the weather. I did the reading and I didn’t fall down or mess up too badly, I don’t think.

Apologies if you’ve already seen most of these pictures on Facebook. I have a problem with adult beverages and social media. I need a breathalyzer that locks me out of FB when I’ve had too many drinks. Oy.

My first college roommate, Ann, the beautiful bride, and me
I made it my mission to win over Ann’s adorable daughter. I think it worked. She was very impressed I had a son named Linus.
Me and Renny!
The other person who wore a sparkly dress. We were fierce.
Renny and me and Kiki
Hey look! There’s Tim! I confess I may have imbibed a lot of French 75s at this point.
Amanda and Kristie. Cute. Like prom.
Me and Kristie. I got my dress from Rent the Runway. Loved it.
These pics were taken ten years (minus five days) apart! Aww!

Congrats to Kristie and Thomas! Yay love!

A wedding.

A while back, I was asked to take photos of our friends’ wedding that took place last month. I was nervous – I had never photographed a wedding before, and quite frankly, I never wanted to. So nerve-wracking! What if I totally screwed it up and they ended up with zero pictures? Well, I got over myself and agreed to do it. And here are some of the results. I really just wanted to capture the spirit, not have a ton of posed stuff.

Getting ready


The Ceremony

After the Ceremony

The toasts


Wedding recap

Okay, it’s nine years late, but I don’t think I ever properly recapped our wedding. No time like the present! Let’s see what I can remember…

Let me think…it was a beautiful day, November 12, 2005. At some point, we all went to the hairdresser and got our hair did.

Then I guess we went to the church to get ready? Something like that?

Meanwhile, I suppose the boys were getting ready too? Probably involving some flasks?

And then we took lots of pictures, but none of the bride and groom together.

And then people started arriving and my brother walked me up the aisle and we got married!

Then we took more pictures while the guests got candles and walked the two or three blocks to the reception hall.

Then we took more pictures, ate some cake, danced a little bit, talked to people, you know, all that reception stuff you do.

And then we were off! (To the only hotel with rooms at this post-Katrina time, the Sheraton right around the corner.)

And that was our wedding. It really was the best wedding. I mean, the best one I’ve had so far, for sure.

Busy busy weekend

It was a very fun weekend, but it was also exhausting. So yeah, I’m kind of glad it’s Monday so I can be at work and in the relative peace and quiet of my office.

Saturday was my friend Maura’s wedding. I was very excited, mostly to see my friend get married, but also for the boys to wear the cute outfits I got for them. (I’m so shallow.) The wedding was about an hour from our house, and I still needed shoes, so Saturday morning, I ran to the mall to get some appropriate shoes. I thought it was amusing that I found the perfect pair at JC Penney. Amusing because Maura is a hot-shot lawyer in the corporate headquarters of JC Penney. She usually lives in Dallas, but she’s in Hong Kong for a couple of years working in their offices over there. Pretty cool! (But pretty sucky, seeing as her new husband lives in Texas still.)

Anyhoo, we got to the ceremony and the boys were pretty good. A bit restless, but understandably so. I had George take them out to the car a little while into it, so they could talk as loudly as they wanted, and so I could enjoy watching my beautiful friend.


After the ceremony, we headed to the reception, where my brilliant friend had gift bags full of crayons and wind up toys for the kids. This kept them pretty occupied, though all they really wanted to do was put the wind-up toys on the cake table, which caused me no small amount of anxiety.



In the end, they just raided all the leftover bags.

It was a lovely afternoon.


LSMSA mini-reunion

This is from when my friend Ren was trying to take a picture of me with the boys. They were not cooperating.

So that was Saturday. On Sunday, we chilled out in the morning (though why the boys felt the need to wake up at 6:45 is beyond me) until it was time to meet Grandee and Larry for lunch. My mom brought them little baseball mitts and balls and a t-ball set as their belated Easter gift, and my Uncle Doug (who is bound and determined to get our kids interested in sports) brought them a metal bat (!!) and instructed George on how to coach them.




After lunch, we had a photoshoot in the French Quarter with a photographer that another triplet mom had recommended to me. She was in town for the weekend from Dallas, and I wanted to have pictures that someone else took of my kids. It was kind of stressful getting to the FQ, due to Navy Week (it hadn’t occurred to me that this might be an issue until that morning) but we eventually made it. And the boys were so cute posing for pictures. Oh man. I mean, really. They were following the photographer’s direction so well, and they were being so cute. Loved it.


When we got home later, the boys were dying to play with their new baseballs and everything. So we carefully avoided the caterpillars in the yard (blech) and we tossed the ball around a bit, and they even hit the ball with the bat a little. (I hadn’t set the tee up yet, so I had to pitch to them.) They were still in their outfits from the pictures, so they looked like little old timey baseball players. Gaah!




Ahhh! Love it. Maybe they will be into sports after all!

Best photos

The best picture from the whole wedding weekend:
“Uncle George, gimme the beer!”

Second best:

(no words necessary.)

Wedding pics

Okay, so clearly the story of my idiocy is not at interesting as Mike or wedding pictures, so here’s one of both!

And we got our very first professional picture back from our photographer, so you can see that too:

Ellie day!

Ellie-day is here! Yay! Ellie! Ellie! Ellie!

And today’s my last day at work before the wedding! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Last night was the first time I didn’t get a really good night’s sleep. I’m actually happy about that. I was kind of worried because I was sleeping fine, and not really nervous or anxious or anything. Not that I was nervous or anxious last night, I just kept thinking over and over and over “I have got to go to the gym.” Ah well. I’ll have time tomorrow for sure, but there’s no way I’m taking time away from Ellie today, just to exercise! Anyway, running all over my mom’s house, getting things together for 6 hours has to count for something.

So the excitement begins…Ellie (and Evan and Jennifer, and Jennifer’s dad, Rick) come today…Jenny comes tomorrow…Kristina and Marianne come on Thursday and we’re going to stay in New Orleans (I can’t wait to take Marianne, who lives in London, to the pub. Let me pause to tell a quick story. When Kristina and Anne and I first got to London for our six-month stint, we went to visit Marianne at her university in Canterbury. That evening, she took us to the campus pub and got the first round of drinks. Boy, was she proud of herself when she announced she had bought us good ol’ American Coors! Yeah…too bad the pub doesn’t serve the British equivalent.)

So then on Friday is a lunch for my girls and my friend Betsy from high school comes in and the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner and then um on Saturday…hmmm…I know I have plans on Saturday….mind…going…blank…tee hee!


Zzzzzz. I am so freaking tired right now. Wearing a wedding dress for three and a half hours is HARD! And tiring. Especially if one didn’t sleep the night before. However, said wedding dress is beeeautiful and makes one feel like a dreamy princess. I think I must try to get more sleep the night before the wedding. Yes, good idea. Also must work on strengthening back muscles because of aforementioned heavy dress.

Note to non-RSVP’ing wedding guests: no cake for you! ha ha ha. Only kidding. Sorta.