Wedding recap

Okay, it’s nine years late, but I don’t think I ever properly recapped our wedding. No time like the present! Let’s see what I can remember…

Let me think…it was a beautiful day, November 12, 2005. At some point, we all went to the hairdresser and got our hair did.

Then I guess we went to the church to get ready? Something like that?

Meanwhile, I suppose the boys were getting ready too? Probably involving some flasks?

And then we took lots of pictures, but none of the bride and groom together.

And then people started arriving and my brother walked me up the aisle and we got married!

Then we took more pictures while the guests got candles and walked the two or three blocks to the reception hall.

Then we took more pictures, ate some cake, danced a little bit, talked to people, you know, all that reception stuff you do.

And then we were off! (To the only hotel with rooms at this post-Katrina time, the Sheraton right around the corner.)

And that was our wedding. It really was the best wedding. I mean, the best one I’ve had so far, for sure.

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