10 years on WordPress!

It’s hard to explain how the decision I made on July 10, 2001 to document my marathon training literally changed my life. WordPress didn’t even exist yet. In the beginning, this blog was just an HTML page that I updated and each month I’d start a new page. (Not to worry, you can read all those posts here – I copied them into blog posts a while back.)

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 8.18.42 AM.png
Hand coded HTML
Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 8.16.26 AM.png
Every website needed a splash page in 2003!

But ten years ago today, on July 11, 2008, I moved my blog to WordPress.com – for several years before that, it was hosted, uh, elsewhere. But once I met WordPress, it was love at first site sight.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 8.23.27 AM.png
Finally on WordPress.com in 2008!

And of course, in 2013 it led to me working at Automattic. My dream job!

I don’t blog for a big audience. I blog to document my life, so I can go back and read it later. (I’m hopelessly nostalgic.) I blog because there was no way I was going to be able to keep three baby books going. I blog because I love photography. And I love to photograph my kids. I blog because I like to keep in touch with old friends.

And if it weren’t for WordPress, I surely would have given up long ago. And I wouldn’t have the amazing colleagues and friends I’ve made over the past four and a half years. I wouldn’t have a job I love, that constantly challenges me. I wouldn’t have Ziggy!

This is post 3,808.

Here’s to 3,808 more.

Four years at Automattic!

Well, you know I love an anniversary. But this is a big one! No, for real this time. After you’ve been at Automattic for four years, you get a new custom laptop with a lit up W (or Jetpack logo, or Automattic logo. I went with the W.) It’ll be a while before I actually get it, since it’s custom made and all that, but it’ll be worth the wait.


And next year is even better – a three month paid sabbatical after five years! I have already started planning how I’m going to use my time (organizing every inch of the house, rocking NICU babies, cooking a lot, you know, the usual.)

I was thinking about how Automattic has changed since I started. We have stats for everything, and I found this one:

You started on 2013-11-18. Of the 632 other Automatticians, 166 (26.3%) started before you, 2 (0.3%) started on the same day, and 464 (73.4%) started after you.

Wow! Yeah, we’ve grown quite a bit in the last four years. (And I hired 38 of those!)

I think there were about 45 Happiness Engineers when I started, and now there are over 200. We hadn’t yet acquired WooCommerce, Calypso wasn’t a thing, heck, we were barely offering live chat to our customers! Now users with the Business plan can upload themes and plugins! (Trust me, this is huge.)

I have traveled to at least 18 cities in the last four years for work – from Dayton to Auckland. I’ve been up mountains and dipped my toes in the sea. I’ve seen the sun rise in Utah and in Spain. Okay, I’ll stop being poetic now.

I’ve met amazing people, made amazing friends, learned so much. I can’t wait to see what the next four years holds.

(Can you find me?)


Oh yeah, and as usual, we’re hiring!

Moving day!

Yesterday I made the big move back to WordPress.com. This blog has been on a journey. Started off in HTML, a file I’d have to open up every day (I think every month was a separate page back then), write my post, and then re-save.

At some point I moved to another platform, maybe rhymes with Shmogger. But in 2008, I grew up and moved my site to WordPress.com. Yeah, so this isn’t my first rodeo on WordPress.com.

Sometime in 2009 or 2010, I moved to a self-hosted WordPress.org site (wondering what the difference is? This will help.) and have basically maintained that ever since. But working for Automattic and helping out WordPress.com users day in and day out has made me realize the benefits of having my blog back here, so yesterday I moved it back.

Why would I choose WordPress.com over WordPress.org?

Well, a lot of it is to do with community. When I tag a post with, say, “triplets” (which I am wont to do) anyone who looks up that tag in the Reader can find my posts about triplets. Or LASIK. Or whatever I’ve tagged my posts with. And they might start following my blog, and commenting, and becoming part of my blog’s community.

Or suppose I were to write a really excellent post. It might get Freshly Pressed. (I confess, this is a dream of mine.)

And of course, there is the amazing support I’ll now receive as a user of WordPress.com. Look at all those fantastic Happiness Engineers that are now at my beck and call! Heh.

Screenshot 2014-12-16 07.49.32

Oh look! There’s me! I’ll just help myself then. 🙂