Race for the Angels 5K – Race Report

Run for the Angels 5K
7:00 p.m.

My first 5K! On Sunday, Kristina and I went to a movie, then when we got home, I ate a bagel with peanut butter. Chris and Rebecca came over at about 5:45, then Kristina and I got ready and we left at 6:00 to get to Live Bait. I was really nervous (just because I didn’t know what to expect) and Kristina and I had been snapping at each other all day, so not only was I nervous, but Kristina wasn’t talking to me. Which was okay, really, because I knew if either of us spoke, we’d just get in more trouble. Gary and Ren showed up at around 6:20 or so, and were mad at me because I had (apparently) said that we were going to ride with them. So at this point, not only am I nervous, but I felt like everyone was mad at me (except for Chris and Rebecca, thank goodness.)

So, at about 6:45, everyone was calmer, and we stretched some and drank a little more water. Then everyone lined up and from then on, everything seemed to go quickly. They played the Star Spangled Banner, and everyone was quiet. It was a nice night, not too hot, not too humid, and the sun was going down. Suddenly, the horn went off, and the race began! Ack!

There were a lot of people there, and we started running slowly. As I thought we would, we got caught up in all of the other runners, got carried along, and we ran for the first 7 minutes or so of it, which we haven’t done in our afternoon runs for a while. I suspect that may have sapped us a bit, but we crossed the one mile marker at 11:45, which is our usual 1 mile pace, so considering we walked about 3-4 minutes of that, we must have been running faster than that. By the time we got to the turn around, I was really thirsty and pretty hot. I had had a side stitch for most of the way, and I was feeling slightly nauseous. I grabbed some water and drank it, and we jogged a bit up the levee. After we stopped running, I felt bad. Lightheaded, nauseous, faint, chilled, the whole bit. I seriously thought I was going to faint for a while, but I didn’t.

We ran intermittently, and after each time, I felt the same way. We hit the 2 mile mark at 24:40. With about 1/3 mile to go, Kristina went ahead and ran the rest of the way. I walked and jogged the rest of the way, and ran the last tenth of a mile. Kristina finished in 38:25, I finished in 39:05, which was much faster than we had thought we’d do! We had predicted a 45 minute finish, so we were very excited that we did better.

After I finished (I was the last to finish of my friends – Chris finished in 22:xx!) we went back down to Live Bait, and had popsicles and Chee Wees and jambalaya and beer. It was fun!