August 22, 2001

Yesterday, Kristina and I went to the park again. We had to go relatively early (around 6) because she had to go study after dinner. Since it was so hot, we walked most of the way. We ran maybe a tenth of a mile at the beginning, but not at all after that. We went around twice, though. I guess I don’t mind walking when I go with Kristina, especially right now when it’s hot. The most important thing right now is just burning calories, since a) I need to lose weight and b) because it’s so hot. I don’t think my endurance is going to improve greatly when it’s the heat that stops me from going further. According to some website, going around the park burns 513 calories. Woah! That means every 7 days of doing that, I should lose 1 pound. Hmmm. Interesting.

I think I might start going around 3 times. Or running to the park, running around, the coming back. That would be different, at least. We shall see. For now, though, I want twice around not to be so tiring. No matter how I do it, walking or running.