Feb 1, 2002

Woo! No run today! Slept late! Very nice. Today, the temperatures dropped. Thank goodness. It was getting unbearable. The humidity was foul. It did not feel like January. This will be much better for my 11 miles tomorrow. I may end up doing 12 miles, though, since I’m using a 2 mile loop. It may end up being too taxing for my brain to figure out how to just do 11. Actually not, since the quarter miles are marked on the loop, but still.

I can’t believe it’s only two weeks until the half marathon. Eek! I’m volunteering at the expo on Friday night. And I’m getting off work early to do so. Yay! Maybe I’ll meet some nice people. Sucks about Chris not being able to run it, though. At least I’ll have some good supporters this way, though. Gotta look on the bright side!

I made Ian’s recipe last night, but with lots of changes. For instance, I didn’t look in my cookbook ahead of time to see that it takes two hours (two hours!!!) to cook chickpeas, so they were left out. Next time I’ll remember that. But it was delicious anyway. Basically it was just chorizo and peppers in a broth served over rice. Yummy!