February 4, 2002

Oh, I forgot to mention one last really cool detail of my run on Saturday…when I was done, I had salt on my forehead! How exciting! I felt really tough after that. 🙂

Today I had a nice, easy 4 miler. I can’t believe how easy four miles is now. Took 54 minutes. It was cold this morning, so the first mile or so my (bare) arms were freezing but they thawed out soon enough. Love my “new” armband radio “borrowed” from Ren and Gary. They left early this morning for Thailand, so they won’t be needing it. Let me mention here that Ren is a little strange. She called this morning at 6:45 (good thing I was awake) to ask me to lock her apartment door. (They live downstairs from us.) Now this wouldn’t normally be a strange thing, but she was worried that the cabdriver they had to get to the airport was going to go back to their apartment and rob it. Sigh. Never mind that there’s a locked iron gate that he’d have to somehow break into to get to their apartment. Never mind that cabdrivers take people to the airport all the time and you don’t hear about a rash of cabdrivers robbing houses. Sigh. An odd girl. But I locked up anyway. 🙂