February 3, 2002

Okay, now I’ll add a few more details…

I did end up with a tiny sunburn. Not much. Thank goodness I put on sunscreen, or else I’d probably be fried. Next time, I’ll be sure to reapply. Running in LaFreniere Park was really nice. The loop, as I’ve mentioned, is 2 miles around. The first mile is kind of boring, as it goes alongside the back fences of houses and next to big soccer fields and such. During the first few loops, there were some little kids playing soccer, which was mildly entertaining, and some older guys playing touch football, which was slightly more so. Ha ha!

The second mile is what really makes the park though. It goes around a reservoir, up a teeny hill, down past a bird sanctuary (!), next to a little “river” with ducks swimming in it, by another pond, and back to the beginning. Parts of the second half are shady, which is a relief. The first mile was made more bearable by knowing the second mile was coming up. Another good thing about the park was that they have the quarter miles marked, which gives you something to run to. I like noting my quarter mile times, because it helps me keep my pace.

There was some guy at the park, running the opposite way I was. He was running faster than I was, and I passed him twice (at least) on every loop I made. I wonder how many miles he ran? I don’t even know when he started. He must be training for a marathon too. Maybe I’ll see him at the Mardi Gras Marathon. I can’t believe it’s only two weeks away!

Last night, Ren and I went and saw “Amelie”, that French comedy. The cinema we saw it in was so uncomfortable. My knees were already sore from the run, and all I wanted to do was stretch them out, but I was so cramped, that it was impossible. It’s too bad, because I really liked the movie, but I feel like my pain was hindering my enjoyment. This morning, my knees don’t hurt, but my calves are pretty stiff. Must stretch later.