February 26, 2002

No run this morning. Doing 8 this afternoon, though. I’m excited to run in the afternoon again. Hasn’t gotten that cold yet, but the temperature is dropping 3 degrees every hour, which means that at 4, it should be in the low 40s or high 30s. Hmmm. Cold, but as long as it’s not raining, I can deal with it.

Yesterday was Kristina’s birthday. We went to dinner last night and I think I’m still full from it. Yummy though. Pizza. On the other hand, I had finally noticed the scale dipping down a few pounds, but this morning, it crawled back up a little. It’s ok. No more pizza. Or chocolate. I can deal with that. (Temporarily. This is only temporary.)

Kristina and I are going to Austin in mid-March for a film festival. My brother has two short films showing there. I’ll get to do my first 18 miler there. Austin is gorgeous, and very runner-friendly, apparently. Good stuff!