February 27, 2002

Ever had one of those days where you have a specific run planned, you’re all prepared for it and everything, and then nothing goes as you expected, but you have a great run anyway? That’s what yesterday afternoon was like for me.

I had my eight miler all planned out. I brought my running clothes to work, had my Camelbak filled with Gatorade, and drove to the levee to go four miles out and then four miles back. I was pretty bundled up to begin with, but removed the long-sleeved shirt before I started running. The wind on the levee was whipping around me, making it impossible to either hear my headphones or go in a forward motion. So I turned around after half a mile and just decided to finish at the park.

But I had to pee, and when I walked to the public restrooms at the fly, they were locked. Well, surely the ones at the park will be unlocked, I thought, so I drove to the park to use the restroom and finish my run. Oh, but no, the restrooms were locked there too. Makes absolutely no sense, it’s a public park with lots of people out there on a sunny afternoon like yesterday.

So, angry, I drove home, not sure if I was going to run or just bag it and lay on the couch. Fortunately, Kristina was doing Tae-Bo when I got home, so just lying on the couch wasn’t really an option (guilt is a strong motivator.) So I just walked out the door and started running. Went pretty far, too. I’ve never run in my neighborhood alone before, but I had about an hour before it started to get dark, and I just ran. It was great. I ran around blocks, up and down streets, even found Anne Rice’s house. (We went to a party there a few years ago, and I even chatted with her about apple martinis and paper cups. Well, you can’t really decide what you’re going to talk about with a famous author, can you?) I ran for a total of 42 minutes, and including the mile I had run earlier, I probably covered 4.5 miles yesterday. So I’ll just to the eight miler tomorrow afternoon instead. No big deal!

After my run, we went and saw “A Beautiful Mind.” Great movie!