March 21, 2002

Bad run this morning. Terrible! Why? Who knows. Can’t blame it on the heat this time, it’s cooled off considerably. Sheesh. I just couldn’t get warmed up, or something. The whole time I felt really awkward. Plus, my left leg was hurting a little, and I could feel myself landing on it strangely. No idea why. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make it not land weird. Sheesh. So I went twice around the park, for only 3.5 miles, instead of 3 times, for the scheduled five miles. And I walked some of it. Too much of it. Maybe 1/2-3/4 of a mile.

Aaaaand, Kristina has the flu, which I am trying very hard not to catch. Wouldn’t that suck, two days before my last long run? I don’t think I will, though. (As if positive thinking will keep me from catching it. Hmmm. Worth a try!) I never get sick, aside from the occasional cold, so I should be okay. And I’m washing my hands constantly at home and not getting near her. I suppose that’s all I can do.

Last night we watched Zoolander. Dang, that’s a funny movie! Oooh, and the Oscars are Sunday night. Yay! Must fill out my ballot. Ren, Gary, and Alicia are coming over for a party. We’re going to make hors d’oevres. I’m going to wear my fancy red dress from the 2000 New Year’s party. Woo hoo! Best of all, I always win (ok, sometimes tie with Chris) the Oscars game. Woo hoo! Kristina said I couldn’t help pick out the prize this year, since I’ll probably end up with it. Last year I won a package of Oscar Meyer weiners. ha ha!