March 20, 2002 is up! But I have some changes to make before I send out an announcement e-mail. Going to make a different index page so I can put other stuff on the site, not just running stuff. Anyway, that’s not important.

Ran 8 miles last night. Well, okay, ran 7, walked 1. The walking was in the middle. Not sure why, but I just needed to. Oh well. No big deal. My radio abruptly ran out of batteries (no fading, just completely stopped) about halfway along the path, which was a pain. Grrr.

5 miles tomorrow morning, then 18-20 with Chris on Saturday at the Tammany Trace. I’m excited about that. Plus, we’re all having lunch at the Abita Brewpub afterwards (a whole crew is coming in from BR to shop while Chris and I run.)
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oh wait, i know why i couldn’t run the whole eight miles yesterday. it was *#@$% hot! a nice heat wave for the last day of winter. and today it’s rainy. yay. bring on the springtime. hmmph.