Curses to the blog! I’ve written about my anniversary run twice, and twice it’s been deleted. Grrr.

Ran 3.5 miles. One loop alone, one loop with Kristina (first with Kristina, second alone.) Was good. Ran 1/2 mile in 5:19. Fast! I can’t believe people can run entire miles at that pace.

This morning ran one loop around the park. Hey, I’m tapering! I can run as little as I want! (so I say.) A fast (20:20) 1.77 miles. Hmm. That’s an 11:30 pace. Whew!

Going to Baton Rouge after work today to get my hair done (yay! yay! yay!)…dyed dark red with lighter red highlights. And a haircut. So I’ll look nice for the race. 🙂 And then Mike’s band is playing at the Bayou, this horrible, dank, grungy bar that we used to hang out in during college. Blecch. The worst part is, an ex-boyfriend and his evil friend used to work there. I hope they don’t still. Ew.