Sleepy, soooooo sleepy. Want to take a long nap. But still have 7.5 hours left of work. How on earth am I going to survive? Have not had coffee this morning. May have to go treat myself to good coffee. A walk to the coffee shop and a coffee. That should wake me up. We left Baton Rouge at 6:30 this morning, which wouldn’t be so bad if had gotten in last night before 12:30, but we didn’t. So I’m (barely) functioning on very little sleep (for me. I know there are people who are fine with 5.5 hours of sleep, but I am not one of them!)

Regardless of how tired I am today, though, it was worth it. Got my hair done (shorter, shiny, stripey, red) and then had dinner with my mom and Jack and then Kristina and I went on to the Bayou to see Mike’s band play. It was really strange, we talked to the bassist for a while before they started playing. I had never really had a conversation with him before, and he always seemed scary and not sociable, but he’s actually quite chatty and friendly. Funny, having a lighthearted conversation with a guy in leather trousers. And, since I designed the band’s website, I got mentioned twice by the lead singer. I was cool. Except there were only about 30 people in the bar. Ha ha. It’ll be more exciting when they play Madison Square Garden.

Oh yeah, and then when we got home, my mom gave me my Easter present – a (not very) crisp $100 bill! Woo hoo! For my trip! Yay! I was stressing a little about having enough spending money, so it’ll definitely come in handy. Yay! Of course, now I’ll have no excuse not to go to Harrod’s to get her favorite bath stuff. Must not forget or I will be in big trouble. I wonder if Stansted has a Harrod’s duty-free shop like Heathrow and Gatwick. Hmmm. Must check on that.

This weekend I have to get all the little odds & ends I need for my trip. Toiletries, books to read on the plane(s), presents for Marianne and Michael (I’m staying with Marianne and Michael wants me to bring him some cigarettes. Feels a little like I’m visiting someone in prison.) etc, etc.